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Personal Trainer Resumes landing the first job

When you are interested to work as a personal trainer in a gym, you probably need to arrange the personal trainer resumes. Writing this resume will be challenging so that you have to arrange this resume properly to ensure the employer about your qualities as well.

You have to consider that writing this personal trainer resumes idea should be strong and creative. You have to arrange for this resume get to stand out from the crowd when you also keep it professional and organized. You also need to write your previous experience and explosive personality to make it awesome.

The example of personal trainer resumes

To inspire you to write the resume, you need to read the following resume sample that will lead you to arrange the proper template. Here are some ideas to follow:

Jack Wilson

Personal info

Phone: (777)-777-0023

Email: wilsonjack47@gmail.com


A highly effective certified personal trainer with 5+ years of experience. Seeking to exceed client goal for Sky bee fitness. At Great Fitness, beat sales goals by 30% and received 25+ client thank you letter and also received 90% positive customer comment scores.


Certified Personal Trainer

Sky bee Fitness, California/ August 2018 – present

  • Personal trainer and sales associate at a high-volume fitness business
  • Do individual fitness assessment for demanding clients and received 25+ letter of thanks from satisfied clients after exceeding their fitness goal
  • Beat sales goals by an average of 30% per quarter, thanks to creating highly positive client interactions
  • Take pride in listening to the client

Freelance Personal Trainer

Great Fitness Sport, June 2016 – July 2018

  • Reduced a client’s entrenched A1C numbers from 250 mg/dl to 120
  • Assisted a client make an exercise and nutrition program to reduce body mass to within healthy levels in a one-year period
  • Made a daily exercise program for a client to give her more energy and help her feel better about daily life


Barlow Highs School


Concordia University

2010 – 2014

Key skills 

  • Creating nutritional plans
  • Making workout program and client interaction
  • Created custom nutritional plans based on listening to the client needs
  • Created individual workout program and received 90% positive customer scores
  • Communication and self-motivated
  • Pilates and aerobic training


  • Spanish
  • English

How to create personal trainer resumes

To create this personal trainer resume format, you need to pay attention to some ideas below. The idea will be simple but it will make your resume impressive to read. Here are some of the ideas to follow:

  • You need to begin your resume with a pulling summary and highlight your years in the professional field
  • Describe that you are a professional in the best light possible
  • Mention your core skills and expertise as a fitness trainer
  • Ensure to highlight not only the tasks you have handled but also the achievements you have accomplished

What should a personal trainer put on a resume?

When you are writing this personal trainer resumes design ideas, you need to pay attention to the skills to include on the resume. The skills will make your template impressive to read. Here are some of the skills to put on your resume.

1) Interpersonal skills and fitness assessment

2) Creativity and creating an exercise program

3) Leadership and exercise physiology

4) Discipline and record-keeping

5) Passion and safety technique

How do I write a resume as a personal trainer?

Furthermore, you also need to make your template by understanding some points below. The points below will make your template interesting and nice to read. Here are some points to follow:

1) Make sure to align your objective with the specific position and organization you are applying for

2) Do not present general academic qualification on top of your skills and fitness certification

3) Take a look at the resume format template mentioned before as they have arrived with a pre-structured trainer resume

4) Do not forget to mention your fitness courses and certification you have

Kinds of a personal trainer resume

The personal trainer resumes template design has some types that will make your resume impressive. In this idea, you can select the proper template that will make your resume impressive to read. Here are some types of the resume to follow:

Certified personal trainer resumes

This resume is a splendid personal trainer that is used for a seasoned professional that include compact job descriptions handled in previous workplaces. This resume also shows to write a proper summary and an objective for such a resume so that it is easily understood.

Entry-level personal trainer resumes

This resume is simple because it will be amazing with its chapters on all the important aspects of such a resume. This resume will be like the key elements such as transferable skills, action verbs, resume samples, and so forth that will amaze the recipient very well.

Fitness personal trainer resume template 

The type of this resume is the perfect fit that will start with a catchy headline and followed by a pulling summary. The resume also describes the work experience with facts and figures so that the people will understand your template very well.

Functional personal trainer resumes template 

The resume begins with the perfect objective aligned to the job applied for. The resume also has done a great job by segregating the relevant skills in different. With this idea, the recipient will understand the best qualities on your resume properly.

Gym personal trainer resumes

The resume will be great for seasoned fitness trainers because it offers you ample room to mention all the tasks you have handled at your previous workplace. The resume also will begin with a true professional profile. Because of that, you will get more advantages in this resume to land a job.

With this idea, you will get the satisfaction of personal trainer resumes. The resume will introduce your capabilities and skills for the employer so that you can be a top candidate to land the job in the job position. Because of that, you will have more advantages in this resume.

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