An Insightful Information of How to Write Judge Cover Letter and Related Information Provided

Being a judge can be a prestigious job in the society but everyone knows how challenging the road will be. If you are considering of becoming one, then you come to the right place. Here, you will see all related information you need, start from the steps in becoming a judge until apply for it by sending a professional judge cover letter.

Responsibilities of Judges

Before knowing how to be a judge, one needs to know the responsibilities of the judges. As an official appointed to make the decision in the courtroom, judges have many other responsibilities before doing so. Judges have to hear the testimony from two parties and some witnesses, if available. To achieve a fair decision, judges need to interrogate all the involved parties and be neutral. Sometimes, the presence of jury is needed to help judges in making a neutral decision for the situation. Judges are actually working outside the courtroom, too. They do research on many cases and law policies. Judges also help making the courtroom procedures and rules at times.

Steps of How to be Judges

In any field you are taking, it is always good to meet the educational requirements. For being a judge, someone needs to earn Bachelor’s degree or even Master’s from law school. Work hard at school and you will see the result and better future chance to be judges. After graduating, find experience as much as you can. You can start by being an attorney, someone who represents the client’s in the courtroom. The more time spent in the courtroom means the more ‘lesson’ you receive such as making decision, being a good attorney, or simply building networking. Pursue a judgeship, send a judge cover letter and if you are accepted, you need to complete the training process.

Writing a Judge Cover Letter

A judge cover letter is another crucial point where you highlight your skills and experiences. Below is a sample of cover letter sent to be a judge that can be as your reference.

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I am writing as a response to the opening of Judge position as stated in the government’s website. I have substantial background that makes me the right candidate for the position. I am enclosing the resume along with this letter.

I have Master’s Degree from a reputable law school, XYZ University, with GPA of 3.98. I have been working as an attorney for nearly 5 years with wide-range of field from the corporate law, property law, and environmental law. I have taken thousands of cases that makes me a highly-experienced attorney. I am able to work under the pressure and I keep my composure despite any situation I am facing. I believe this is a significant skill that a judge has to have.

I gain good understanding of the court system and law policies in wide-range of fields which can be beneficial. I listed detailed experience and achievements I received during my career in the resume that I enclose with this judge cover letter. I am available for the interview and I can be reached at 555-666-999. Thank you.



Douglas Maine

The judge cover letter above highlights the positive side of the applicant in a professional and concise manner.


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