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Military Resume to work in the Military Field 

Many jobs are available in the military so that if you are interested to join the military, you can arrange a military resume. In this job field, you will find the main difference that you will primarily help military personnel in some capacity. Therefore, you can expect to join the position that you want in the military.

Specific job duties in the military will vary widely with the top military position. Therefore, your military resume template should include one of those five positions including physician and dentists, combat mission support officers, military judges and magistrates, construction, military teachers and instructor, database and system administrator, and ship and boat captains.

Example of a military resume

To guide you in arranging this template, you can read the following sample. The example will be useful because it will help you to make it easy to understand to be the best candidate.

Donny McKenna

Personal Info

Phone: (777) – 888 – 5562

Email: mckenna672@gmail.com


A police officer with 10 year’s experience with U.S Air National Guard seeking a senior police role successfully trained 100 team members and reduce disciplinary incidences within the unit by 40%.

Professional experiences

Security Forces Staff

U.S Air National Guard, 2015 – present

  • Chief team support operation and security
  • Coaching 100 team members on collective and individual security procedures
  • Apply attention to detail providing surveillance
  • Manage disciplinary actions in the team cutting incident by 40%

Security Specialist

U.S Air National Guard, 2010 – 2015

  • Help the security forces staff to reach operations and security goals and train internees
  • Apply attention to detail providing surveillance
  • Verified credentials of all people and vehicles leaving the base


New York State University

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management

Key skills 

  • Training in risk assessment and security clearance
  • Certified in first aid and CPR
  • Weapon certifications
  • Can deadlift 240 pounds


  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • English

How to create a military resume

If you have received the same commendation every year to arrange a military resume idea, you only need to mention it once. Moreover, you also need to understand the way to arrange this resume. Here are some ideas to follow to arrange this template.

  • You can begin your resume by listing your professional accomplishment and you can use a separate piece of paper
  • View military resume samples to get started
  • Remember to craft a compelling header at the top of your military resume providing the name, email address, phone number, and so forth
  • Include a strong summary statement and make a brief statement that covers the most important elements of your professional self
  • Detail your skills in qualifications and outline your work history on the resume

People also ask

What is a military resume?

The military resume idea design will be the key to making the career for transition. This resume also will incorporate your military experience. This resume will be better if you can add military experience to your resume using the same format as work experience with the most recent position listed first.

How do you write a military resume?

To create this template, you need to pay attention to some ideas that will make the template impressive to read. You can pay attention to the following parts that will make your resume interesting to read. Here are some of the ideas to follow:

1) Reframe your skills to target civilian employers

2) Translate military jargon into language that civilian understand

3) Open with a qualification summary or resume summary

4) Apply quantifiable information to highlight your accomplishment

5) Tailor your skills and experience to the job posting

Kinds of a military resume

Many types are available to select for your military resume design template. Different types will be different the way you arrange the template. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the position where you want to land your resume. Here are some of the kinds of resumes to follow.

 Administrative assistant military resume

The type of this resume will enlighten with its federal resume writing. The resume also will show you what should include and how to include it. The resume applies some impressive action verbs to use, the importance of job summary, and also what not to include on your resume.

Air Force military resume

This resume has a smart arrangement because it will state the qualification summary right at the top and it will go down to discuss work experience, skills, education, training, and chronological work history. The sample resume will be easy to read so that the recipient will know the quality.

Army military resume in Word 

You also can create this resume in Word with this template. this template has an exact format of a chronological resume and it will infantryman resume by presenting the whole educational qualification and work experience in chronological order. It will be interesting to read for the recipient as well.

Military pilot resume

This resume will focus on the skills of your pilot so that you need to emphasize your skills about the pilot here. Besides, the resume also provides some relevant skills and experiences so that the recipient will understand the qualities very well.

Police military resume

The resume will mention the training you took as a military professional in the resume. Moreover, this resume also will show military profile as a huge asset and you have to showcase it clearly on the resume to show it for the hiring manager that will make them interesting.

Navy military resume

This resume is properly if you are transitioning from a military job to that of a civilian one. This resume will provide all the important tips and also instructions that will lead you to arrange the proper resume without any difficulties so that you will get the satisfaction resume to read.

In other words, this military resume will be challenging to arrange. You need to pay attention to the detailed ideas of this template. you need to provide some military skills relevant to the position to land the job. Moreover, you should not worry because you can select the proper sample suitable for your position to make your resume impressive.

Military Resume Sample


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