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Waitress Resume for landing a job without experience 

The job of a waitress is not only challenging but also will be flexible. Therefore, when you are interested to be a waitress, you need to arrange a waitress resume. The resume will show your qualities and capabilities relevant to this job position and your responsibilities as a waitress without any difficulties.

As a waitress, she will take orders and serve food and beverages to guests in the restaurant. In other words, your waitress resume design should emphasize those qualities that will ensure the employer about your skills to serve any beverages or foods for the customers well.

The sample of a waitress resumes

To help you get ready to write a waitress resume, you can follow the sample below. The sample will guide you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties. Here is the example to follow:

Hanna Rose

Personal Info 

Phone: (555) – 778 – 6612

Email: rosehannacute421@gmail.com


A waitress with 7+ years of experience serving excellent service to diners at a quality establishment. Possessing familiarity with POS terminal and common restaurant machinery. Understand with a proven ability to upsell alcohol, dessert, and appetizers to customers.



Michigan Restaurant, Michigan/ August 2018 – present

  • · Memorize restaurant whine stock and proper entire pairing
  • · Write patron’s food orders on slip and memorizing the orders
  • · Operate POS terminal to input customer orders swipe credit cards
  • · Receive in-depth training for proper food


Fantasy Bar, Michigan/ September 2013 – June 2018

  • Implemented new menu introduction strategies, increasing customer purchase of wine
  • Present menu seated customers and helped waiters with drink orders
  • Cleaned the table and floor of the dining area, ensuring the customer with a pleasant and hygienic experience


Green Hill Academy, 2011 – 2013

High School Diploma, 3.2 GPA

Key skills 

  • Capable to work effectively under time pressure and for long and extended hours
  • Capable to multitask and diligence and dedication working
  • Vast knowledge of different kinds of people
  • Great sensitivity to the needs of others
  • Experience in preparing salads, appetizers, and coffee
  • a great passion to make sure customers satisfaction

How to create a waitress resume

When you want to arrange this waitress resume template, you should not worry because it has some steps that can be followed to arrange. The steps are simple but they will be useful for you when you are arranging the template for your purposes. Here are some steps to follow:

  • you need to include the data that an ordinary resume does
  • focus on the profession at hand in such resume
  • begin your resume by stating your name, age, contact information, address, other personal info
  • mention some extracurricular activities
  • mention detail skills to support your experience

People also ask 

How do you describe waitressing on a resume?

When you want to arrange this resume, you need to describe your resume properly. The way you describe your template should be impressive so that it will help the employer understanding your skills. Here are some ideas to follow when you want to make your template impressive.

1) Include a solid understanding of task and responsibilities on your template

2) Explain the daily special and bring alcoholic beverages to the table

3) Remember to show that you can check with customers and ensure the satisfaction customer service

4) Keep in mind that your resume is strong

What should I put on my resume for waitressing skills?

You can ensure the employer on your waitress resume document format if you can support the goal of the resume. In this part, you need to identify the technical and soft skills on your resume. Those are like:

1) Basic math and verbal communication

2) Customer service and resolve conflict

3) Teamwork and persistence

4) High energy and sell to customer needs

5) Thoroughness and professionalism

6) Client relationship, physical strength, and also stamina

Kinds of a waitress resume

To help you design the proper waitress resume format document, you can select one of the best types of this resume. The proper resume will make your template impressive and it will be relevant to your need as well. Here are some of the types of this template.

Cocktail waitress resume

This resume is properly if you want to land a cocktail waitress. This resume will demand a stunning resume template. This template is available in a Word format so that you can edit and customize with details provided in the template with ease so that it will give you more advantages to write the resume.

Restaurant waitress resume

The resume will be perfect for you who are looking for a job as a waitress at a restaurant. This resume can be followed easily because it provides an impressive pattern that will lead you to arrange the proper template. You can arrange it suitable with your need to make the template impressive to read.

Waitress Resume Sample 

The sample here will make it easier to look for a job as a waitress. This resume will help you to prepare a resume based on the job profile and generally, it will show the proper information on the resume. It will not show educational qualifications because it does not require much for a waitress position.

Server Waitress Resume

This resume will be impressive for you to apply for the position of supervisor at a restaurant because this resume looks easy to read. Besides, this resume also looks elegant and sophisticated so that people will amaze when they are reading this resume.

Entry-level waitress resume

This resume is a basic resume for a waitress so that it will guide you to arrange the proper template. Besides, this resume also will be perfect if you are looking for a part-time waitress job at a restaurant. This template is editable and customizable so that it will give you more advantages to write a resume.

With those ideas, you can arrange the proper waitress resume without any difficulties. This resume can be arranged in many ways so that you can arrange it suitable for your needs. Remember, you need to include detailed information that will amaze the employer when they reading your template.



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