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Phlebotomy Resume to Impress Any Recruiter

A licensed phlebotomy provides valuable supports in a hospital or clinic. To prepare your application, you will need to write a phlebotomy resume. It is not an easy task. So, you have to know how to write it properly. Now, let’s pay attention to the following example and guidelines!

Sample of Phlebotomy Resume

For your reference, we provide you a phlebotomy resume sample.

Axel Williams

Email: axelwilliams@gmail.com

Phone: 111-111-1111

Address: Bread Ave. 12121

Resume Summary

Licensed phlebotomist with 7 years of work experience in blood sample testing & collection. Instrumental in performing patient immunizations, injections, venipuncture, & patient intake. Seeking to use good knowledge of phlebotomy practices to secure a phlebotomist position.

Professional Experience


Blood Care, Newcastle, AL / November 2016 – present

  • Analyze health history of 5500+ blood donors in blood donor center before donation.
  • Perform different phlebotomy functions like hemoglobin tests, blood count, pulse, blood pressure, and temperature.
  • Maintain 99% accuracy whole validating credentials of patients for admission, transfer, & treatment procedure.
  • Collect 100+ patients’ blood samples daily for venipuncture process daily.
  • Enter patient records, insurance, specimen, & billing info into the system.
  • Organize & clean blood-drawing trays as well as ensure appropriate sterilization of blood drawing instruments.


Red Doors, Birmingham, AL / September 2014 – October 2016

  • Utilized syringe, vacuum tube, & venipuncture butterfly methods for drawing blood from veins and capillaries through dermal puncture like heels and finger stick methods.
  • Recognized for becoming a proactive mobile team member that gathered 25,000+ blood units.
  • Examined the fitness of 30+ donors per day through interviewing, screening, & collecting medical history.
  • Performed lab procedures on 35+ patients daily, determining erythrocyte sedimentation rates, leveraging expertise in heel sticks, and also preparing & running blood samples.


BS Phlebotomy

Alabama University, Birmingham, AL

June 2014


  • Interpersonal skills
  • Access
  • Medical Recordkeeping
  • Infection Control
  • Blood Sample Collection
  • Communication Skills
  • Medical Terminology

How to Write a Phlebotomy Resume

To write a phlebotomist resume, you should follow these tips and guidelines:

  1. Highlight your phlebotomist-related skills!
  2. Begin with an impressive resume summary!
  3. Add phlebotomist-related keywords!
  4. Write a strong education section!

People also ask

What Are the Skills of a Phlebotomist?

A phlebotomist should have a few main skills related to the role. These skills include team player, ability to multitask, hand-eye coordination, detailed oriented, and compassion. The more skills you possess, the better your resume will look.

What Are the Duties & Responsibilities of a Phlebotomist?

A phlebotomist extracts blood from patients through finger sticks or venipuncture. He/she also analyzes blood specimens with the appropriate testing equipment, when needed. He/she prepared specimens for transportations, too. For example, he/she labels vials, matches blood specimens to patients, etc.

How Can I Get Experience as a Phlebotomist?

You can get your experience as a phlebotomist in different places such as plasma donation centers, drug treatment centers, Veterans’ hospitals, etc. You can also visit the web or call & ask about volunteering opportunities. You should specify that you want to get some phlebotomy experience.

Is It Hard to Get a Phlebotomy Job?

It is hard to obtain a phlebotomy job because there are not many available positions. On the other side, there are also not too many people are qualified as phlebotomists. It may also be that school authorities misled their student applicants about the prospects of future job.

How Do I Get My First Phlebotomy Job?

The best way is to build up your resume by phlebotomy volunteering. Clinics and hospitals are often hesitant to hire a graduate of phlebotomy who has completed training recently. Recruiters would like to ensure that you are committed to your new career.

Phlebotomy Resume with No Work Experience

Are you looking for the first experience as a phlebotomist? If you are, this resume can be a helpful reference for you. With no experience, you can let the experience section empty and focus on other sections such as education section, skills section, experience section, etc.

Phlebotomy Resume Template Word

If you are searching for a Phlebotomy resume template, you can find it here. The template found here is available in Word format. This template is very easy to read and understand. Besides that, this template also lets you edit it to fit your needs.

Phlebotomy Resume for College

This resume can be used by anyone including you who are still a student at a college. If you are still studying at a college, you should include the expected graduation on the education section on your resume. Anyone who wants to write a resume for a phlebotomy job can use this resume template.

Resume for Phlebotomy First Job

Whether you are an experienced phlebotomist or a fresh graduate who just want to start your career in a phlebotomy job, you can use this template to write your own resume. On the experience section, you can also add any unpaid work experience.

Phlebotomy Resume Sample

Are you looking for a resume sample for a phlebotomist position? In this article, we provide you a phlebotomy resume template sample. This sample will inspire you in writing a good resume. So, this will be useful when applying for a job.

Phlebotomy Resume Example

For you who have never written a resume before, this resume example will help you a lot. This example uses an appropriate format, the reverse-chronological format. This resume format is always acceptable and most recruiters prefer this one.

Free Phlebotomy Resume Template

Finding a resume template is easy and free. This free phlebotomy resume template is easy to customize. You can adjust it to your own education, skills, experience, etc. A resume should be simple. You must also stay honest with the information you provide on your resume.

Writing a phlebotomy resume should be written carefully in a proper format & structure. That is why we provide you an example and important guidelines here. So, you can make your own resume stand out over other candidates’. With a good resume, you will have a better chance to get hired by the recruiter.


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