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High School Student Resume to Land the First Job

As a high school student, creating a professional resume is an important and great way to start preparing to get your first job. The resume is essential to be applied as a job application, to secure the internship, and others. That is why you need to be familiar with high school student resume.


The information inside the resume will be the consideration by the recruiter whether they want to accept your request or not. Here, we have some samples of the resume and some tips to be known, so you could make the best high school student resume and get your first job.

Sample of High School Student Resume

To inspire you in writing a resume of a high school student, there is a sample you may follow:

Kevin Immanuel

Personal Info

Phone   : (555) 188-009-191

Email     : kevin.9918@gmail.com


Motivated student (3.8/4.0) who has a high passion for politics. Seeking to leverage top scores in the field of Social Science (99%) to deliver on all major KPIs as the next intern at Liberte Government Office.


Student Delegate

Classy United Nations

2018 – 2020

  • Researched the background and historical views of the countries and prepared notes to give possible solutions for the faced problems
  • Debated other delegates with the different topics to find relevant solutions and the new consensus

Vice President

Liberte Political High School

2019 – 2020

  • Made kinds of platforms for the students to show their voice, especially to criticize the political condition
  • Helped the student council meeting in the absence of the President
  • Maintained relevant GPA


Liberte Political High School

Garfield Height

2017 – present

GPA: 3.8

Relevant Coursework: Intro to Government, American And European History

Expected Graduation: 2021

Membership: Student Council, United Nations

Key Skills

  • Strong work ethic
  • Time management
  • Debate
  • Research
  • Leadership


  • Vice President of the Student Council
  • Student of the Year, 2019 – 2020


  • English
  • Spanish

How to Write High School Student Resume

Here’s how to write a good high school student resume step by step that you may follow:

  • Include an objective of career
  • Highlight kinds of experiences
  • Provide a detailed education section
  • List award and achievement
  • Share soft and hard skills

People also ask

How do you make the first resume for high school students?

Put the detailed information of the education at the top of the resume. If you have a high GPA, include it too. Also, list kinds of academic awards and other achievements. Include experience and volunteer.


What to be avoided in making the resume for high school students?

There are some points to be avoided in writing a resume for high school students, as:

  • Using ambiguous words
  • Writing a too-long resume
  • Do not specific in showing information
  • Missing basic personal information
  • Using informal language and writing style


How to make a resume for a high school student with no experience?

  • Include a summary statement
  • Decide the format of the resume
  • Pay attention to the technical details
  • List the achievements and activities
  • Focus on your skills and education
  • Include extracurricular and volunteer work

Kinds of High School Student Resume

There are some kinds of the resume for high school students that can be chosen based on your needs. Finding the most appropriate resume is very essential for successful recruitment.


High School Student Resume With No Work Experience

This template is very useful for the student that has no experience to be highlighted. There are some different items to be shown to increase the personal value of the students. The freshly graduated students may use this template to ease them in recruiting process.

High School Student Resume Template Word

The Word template of the resume for high school students is easy to be edited. You could get this template and rearrange the information. Of course, you could add more details to strengthen your personality.

High School Student Resume for College

The resume for high school students for college can be used for any students that want to continue their studies. To use this template, you just need to tweak the detailed information and add more details that it is needed.

Resume For High School Student First Job

The simple template for the resume for high school students here can help you to get your first job. Just follow the arrangement of the information and keep writing the detailed personal information professionally.

High School Student Resume Sample

It is a very common template of the high school student resume. This template can be applied in different fields and needs. You do not need to add extra energy in arranging the best resume.

High School Student Resume Example

This resume template is very simple and it is versatile. Of course, the template could help you to make kinds of high school student resume based on your need. Whether you want to go to college or to find a new job, this template can be applied.

Free High School Resume Template

If you are looking for a free template of high school student resume to be downloaded, then this template can be your option. You do not have to spend anything on getting it. Then, the template is also easy to be edited using Office software.

Job Resume for High School Student

This template can help you to reach your dream of getting the first job. You just follow the default arrangement of the information as your guideline. Pay attention to its details, especially about the points to be highlighted.

Entry Level School Resume

The template of an entry-level school resume is the real guidelines for you. The format of this resume is very simple. There is no experience to write a high school student resume using this template.

Sample High School Student Academic Resume

It is a versatile template to make a professional resume, especially for you who want to continue your study in college. The academic resume should highlight the academic achievements and honors to increase personality’s value.

High School Resume for Sports Management Student

For the high school students who love sport and want to be a part of the management, it is a template to be a guideline. You can add all your academic qualifications and achievement to strengthen your personality.

High School Diploma Student Resume

This template is sure to help diploma students in writing the best resume to grab dreams. You could follow the points inside the template as guidelines in writing your resume. It is a professional template to apply.

Writing a high school student resume will be challenging since many factors should be considered. Of course, professionalism becomes a key in writing a resume. You could follow the basic template of the resume just to create a professional and best resume to reach your targets.



High School Student Resume Sample

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