Graduate School Application Letter and Its Sample

The competition of graduate program may be fierce. You have to improve your opportunity to gain admittance. What you need to do is to write a graduate school application letter. It ties your accomplishments & presents goals to the institution’s educational offerings.


What Does Graduate School Mean on a Job Application?

A graduate school constitutes an advance study program that focuses on a certain academic profession or discipline.

Can You Use the Common Application for a Graduate School?

The common application comes as an application for students who apply for undergraduate degree programs. So, you have to contact your schools of interest for further information related to graduate programs.

How Do You Write a Letter of Interest for Graduate School?

Here is how to write such a letter in step by step:

  • An introduction states the program you are applying for as well as other basic identifying information.
  • Include background information on you & your professional as well as academic foundation.
  • Write your specific accomplishments, research, and professional interests.
  • If any, you should also state notable research projects and internships.

Tips for Creating a Graduate School Application Letter

Creating such a letter requires you to follow these tips:

  • Address it to the graduate school department’s head.
  • Identify the graduate program you apply for.
  • Focus on the reason why you are an old candidate.
  • Don’t forget a summary of your academic & work accomplishments.
  • Express your excitement about the program & school in general.
  • Mention the name of the one who referred you.

Graduate School Application Letter Sample

Now, let’s pay attention to the following sample:

Dear, Dr. Franky,

I’m interested in pursuing a master’s degree in childhood development at the Dallas University. I’ve reviewed a few graduate programs and I believe that the person offered at this university suits me. I chose the program according to the academic reviews and candid discussions with professionals. In the teaching field.

Currently, I’m enrolled at the Texas University and plan to graduate next season with a bachelor’s degree in education. I’ve studied educational programs such as coursework in childhood psychology, teacher leadership, classroom management, school & family crisis intervention, and theories for teaching special students’ needs. My objective is to improve my skills & knowledge while gaining teaching experience.

I’ve gained knowledge in the field from internships. I’ve ever worked as a teacher’s aide. I’ve also worked as a teaching assistant. So, I’m familiar with this role. I’m very dedicated to the teaching profession. I’m very motivated to assist children develop their education.

I attach a recommendation letter for your consideration. I’ll be happy to send other documents if needed. I’d appreciate the chance to meet and discuss with you. You can call me at (111)-111-1111 or send an email to


Josh Blackman

Enclosure: Recommendation Letter, Mr. Bernard, Professor of Child Psychology, Texas University


That is all about a graduate school application letter. Now, it’s your time to practice writing such a letter on your own properly by following the sample above.


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