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Actor Resume Example to help you land a job as being an actor 

An actor resume example will be useful for you because it will lead you to arrange the proper template for an actor resume. This document is the first thing you are going to contribute to your acting startup kit. This idea will be easy to put together and it will cost nothing. Therefore, you need to arrange this template properly.

Moreover, this actor resume example idea also will be a tool that is the second most important thing acting agents, casting directors, and other industry professionals will look at. Moreover, the first thing that will care about this resume is the actor headshot so that you also need to make the proper headshot.

The actor resume example template 

To inspire you to arrange this resume, you can follow the proper example that will guide you in writing the resume as well. You can make your own template by looking at the example to make your resume well-written to read.

Jonathan Harry

Personal Info

Phone: (777) – 889 – 6623

Email: harry9812@gmail.com


Aspire to acquire a challenging position as an actor in the acting field. Passionate about exceptional acting work and desire to explore talent in the field of movie or film. Passionate about the acting profession and has more than ten years of experience in this particular field.


Film & television

  • Urban hero as Dr. Jeff McDougan
  • Overexpose as Dr. Rita
  • As the world turn as Cast-TV


  • Oedipus Rex as Ramses
  • Slop culture as Bob
  • Slice of life as Randy

Education Training 

  • BFA in theatrical Florida international university
  • The upright citizen improvisation
  • HB Studio-Advanced scene study

Key skills 

  • Martial Arts
  • Horseback riding
  • Piano
  • Classical Fencing/ swordsmanship


  • Spanish
  • English
  • France

How to create an actor resume example

To arrange an actor resume format idea, you need to pay attention to the detailed ideas that will ensure the recipient about your qualities. Moreover, you should not worry because you only need to put the relevant information on your template to make your resume impressive by following some steps below.

  • Write your professional stage name to make it easy to remember
  • Union affiliations and agency if you have
  • Include the contact details, personal information, and also measurement
  • Credits and work experience
  • Include training and any specific skills

People also ask

What do you put on an acting resume?

When you are arranging this actor resume example design, you need to apply some important information to make the recipient know your experience and your qualities. You need to put some things for your acting resume including:

1) Contact information

2) Your agent’s contact information

3) Resume objective or resume summary

4) Acting credit

5) Education

6) Workshop and training

7) Special skills

8) Awards and accolades if any

How do you write an actor’s CV?

Besides, your template also will be impressive if you know the way to arrange this CV. The CV will lead the recipient about your background so that you have to arrange this template impressive in detail. Here is some important information to include in your CV.

1) Write the personal information include the name of the union you are affiliated

2) Write the physical details. Ideally, the physical detail should be included in one neat line

3) Remember to include the acting credit, film acting credit, television acting credit, and theater credits

Kinds of an actor resume example

Moreover, your actor resume design idea also needs to be properly arranged by selecting the proper resume. Many types are available to select as your sample so that you need to be selective when you are choosing the resume. Here are some types of resumes that can be used as your reference.

Child actor resume example

When you are under the age of majority, you need to consider that you are a child. This resume is properly for you because it will fit in the profile of child actors. Besides, this template is also a good template to use for resume writing so that you will have an impressive resume with this sample.

Professional actor resume example

This resume will help you to arrange the resume getting easier than before. This sample will lead you to avoid spending a lot of time when your computer trying to it all done. You can edit this professional resume and customize it suitable to your needs.

An actor resume example in Word 

The template is simple to arrange because it is in Word form. Since it is arranged in Word, it is editable and customizable. Different from other templates, this resume will have a simple arrangement so that it will not be confusing so that the recipient will understand your talent well.

TV commercial actor resume example

If you want to be a TV commercial actor, you need to able to recite the scripts and speak the words well. In this resume, you need to have experience and a professional background in acting to get the job.

Creative actor resume example

Since this sample is creative, it will be unique to write. You can edit this template easily but you should not customize the design because it is already complete in the term of design. You only need to replace the content of this page with yours and you will get an acting job even if you are a beginner in the industry.


Actor resume template 

This resume is a basic template that will guide you to arrange the proper actor resume. You can include personal information and also detailed information that will make the recipient understanding your quality.

Simple actor resume example

The resume has a minimalist resume that will highlight your previous experience as an actor. This resume will be an ideal resume for you especially when you want to get the satisfaction resume to introduce your acting credit for the recipient.

In other words, this actor resume example will be useful for you to guide you in arranging the resume. Writing an actor resume is challenging. You need to show your actor credit in your experience or show your skills to ensure the producers about your quality to act in their films or movies.

Actor Resume Example


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