10+ Labels Per Sheet Template Sample


Creating Your Own Business Card

Have you ever thought of creating your business card? Designing and printing your business card using 10 labels per sheet template will make it more effective and efficient. However, maybe you wonder how to create ones, then we will provide you with the best guideline to make it. Follow the steps and save the space of your sheet.

Steps to create a business card using a template

As we mentioned earlier, you can create and print the business card that you have by having 10 labels per sheet template. The size of the labels will very much depend on the size of paper you use. The article that you use will be divided into 10 labels with similar sizes. The bigger the size of paper you use, the larger the business card you will create. Follow these steps to learn more.

  1. Open the word processing software 

To begin, the first thing you can do to create the business card using the sheet template is by using the word processing program on your computer or laptop. This way is easy and simple as everyone has to get used to it. After opening the program, you can start by creating ten labels on your paper with a similar size.

  1. Adding information

The technique of creating the labels on the paper is quite easy to follow as you only have to draw a rectangle on the screen. After having the labels on the computer, try to add information about your business that you want to show to your colleagues. Adding information is easy, but you have to check every detail on it.

  1. Customizing the card

You may find that a simple label is not enough for you; then you need to add some design or customize the label that you have on the paper. Things that you can try to personalize are the fonts, colours, or maybe the style of the labels. Not only that, giving shadows to the labels could also make the template that you create better than before.

  1. Sharing it others

After you think that your business card has finished, try to share it to others. This way could make your friends acknowledge the template that you have made so that they could also use your model for their perusal. Besides sharing it to your colleagues, try to upload it to the cloud to prevent it from losing in the future.

Not only for a business card, 10 labels per sheet template also allows you to decide where you want to put text and image. The label makes everything more accessible when it comes to printing. If you do not wish to create by yourself, then you can try to search the label online and directly use it.


Labels Per Sheet Template Sample

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