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Ten Components That Must Be Covered In Your Press Kit Template


The strength of a brand is at the level of consumer awareness. When your brand awareness is high, your products will be increasingly recognized by your beloved customers, even if only once! To accomplish this outcome is not spontaneous; it takes extra struggle. Promotion tactics are the best way to get out of all these problems. You can use digital marketing strategies, promotional letters, etc. One of the right alternatives in providing intense promotion to your target is using a press kit, where the media is tasked with introducing your product intensively. Confused in making it? Use our press kit template and check out some tips on some of the press kit components you should embed.

Modify your press kit template and include some mandatory elements to make it even more informative!

The capability of a press kit is almost the same as presenting your product to the customer. It contains comprehensive information about the products you offer to your core business. However, all of that will occur if you manage it with the proper structure so that your press kit becomes an informative medium. Readers will not feel annoyed and increasingly involved in reading it. We present some of the components that must be included in a press kit template before you modify it further.

  1. Product summary

Give a few paragraphs regarding the product’s description, the benefits & advantages, and the discount obtained. Enter all of your business ideas in this section.

  1. Cover letters

For customers to feel “valued and cared for” by us, you can write a cover letter. Write a few short messages to your customers to be more interested in the products we sell. You can use daily language without using formal language.

  1. Product samples

Don’t forget to give your product sample section in the press kit template that you will make. Provide high-quality samples so that customers are interested in your product.

  1. Testimonials

Add testimonials from previous customers who have purchased your product, add some positive reviews to make it more convincing for customers.

  1. Productvideos and images

Adding some product introduction videos and pictures are the best way to give customers “confidence.” You can insert it into a flash or CD and attach it to a press kit.

  1. Product fact sheets

Add some facts about the products that you sell. Facts should be based on concrete reference sources

  1. Brochures

If you have a brochure that you have ever made, you can attach it to your press kit template. Use catalogs that are not too large to adjust the size of the other press kit components.

  1. Greetings

Give a warm welcome from your business director. Use simple words for your beloved customers to read comfortably.

  1. FAQ

Adding some frequently asked and answered questions and answers is essential in declaring a product. Consumers will feel safe and comfortable without asking directly

  1. Business background

Add some explanation about your business background.

Press Kit Ideas

Those are some of the critical components that must be present in the press kit template that you make. Immediately increase your promotion and reach more extensive customers.


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