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A Must-Have Element Of A Credit Card Template That Must Be Shown!


Do you have a bank project in designing a credit card face? Or are you participating in a competition in creating a credit card mockup? Creating a credit card has a level of difficulty that is not too difficult. However, it takes a variety of inspiration in designing it. Several components should not be overlooked. Considering that credit cards are an essential and crucial medium, no one element should be left behind and must be put in their place. Design it as attractive as possible; you can try using a collection of colors or building space. Yups, you can browse credit card template and find inspiration in them!

An important part that must be present when you are designing a credit card template

Creating a credit card is not the same as designing a picture or a wedding invitation card; you need to be careful and careful in developing it. Don’t let the design that you implement don’t match the compulsory components, such as colors that collide with the bank logo, or illustrations that are cut off due to magnetic tape attachments. Before you design, know the twelve critical components that must be in place before you design a credit card template

  1. Bank Logo

The main element on a credit card is the bank logo itself. Usually, the bank logo is on the top side

  1. A Chip

A chip will appear on the right side of the card. These chips are golden brown. You need to adjust the credit card template color so that the colors are not the same.

  1. Credit Card Number

Every credit card with other credit cards will have a different number, but it still has the same amount of digits, which is 16 digits. Card number is located on the bottom left side

  1. Cardholder Name

Carrying the credit card number, the full name of the cardholder will be printed. If the actual name is too long, then the cardholder’s name will be shortened in such a way.

  1. International Payment Company Logo

On the bottom right will appear logos of internationally accepted payments such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, etc.

  1. Credit Card Validity

Period The card validity period will be shown next to the cardholder’s name. Usually, credit cards have a grace period of around five years from when the card was made.

  1. Magnetic Tape Magnetic

tape affixed to the back of the face of the card. The magnetic tape is almost a card long itself. On end are a CVV number and a signature column

  1. Signature Column

The signature column is located along with the magnetic tape, usually appears to the left of the magnetic tape

  1. CVV

CVV is a necessary code and needs to be maintained. CVV is located on the far right of a credit card

  1. Issuing Bank Identity

The issuing bank identity will reappear on the bottom back of the card.

  1. Credit Card Partner Logo

There will be a credit card partner logo image at the bottom. Match the colors to your credit card template design.

Credit Card Ideas

Those are some brief explanations about some of the components required in designing a credit card template. Design it as attractive as possible and show your work to many people!





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