9+ Graph Paper Template Sample and Different Types

Knowing the graph paper template can be helpful when you want to write something or write math figures. Not many people understand the importance of the graph paper, but if you want to dig further into the creation and format, you can reveal the benefits further.


The Template and the Functions

When you are consulting the graph paper template, you will see that there are different kinds of graph template available for different purposes. You may not know the function of each type, but learning about their basic functions and use.

You’d be surprised to know that there are different kinds of graph paper types and formats, such as:

  • Dot paper. The regular graph paper generally comes in squares, but in dot format, it is coming in the dot design. You won’t find any distracted lines, but you can make the lines if you want to. This is the kind of paper often used in games, especially for connecting the dots.
  • Cartesian paper. This is the most popular and also common paper for the graph paper. The size of the squares can be different, such as the 5mm or the ¼ inch size
  • Long paper. The graph paper is generally used for graphing info. When you want to use the logarithmic scale data, the long graph paper is quite beneficial.
  • Isometric paper. Instead of having horizontal lines, this type of paper comes with angled or vertical lines. This kind of paper is pretty useful to create 3D objects. In fact, this type of paper is often used for designing items or drawing art
  • Polar paper. This is the type of paper that you want to use when you draw x and y coordination. Polar coordinate system is generally created with this paper
  • Other papers. There are also other types of papers with the combined features, such as isometric paper with dots instead of lines.

Getting the Graph Paper

There are two different types of graph paper, the real one and the virtual one. The real graph paper is the papers you can find at bookstores or stationery stores. You can also download the papers from reliable sources or websites providing the graph paper template.

The virtual paper is generally used for virtual use. So, when you have to make a digital writing or drawing, you can use this kind of virtual paper. This is the common type of paper used by digital artists or designers. Naturally, you can save it or print it or also download it. But unlike the real paper, you will have to use the paper in its digital form. It means that you have to write or draw virtually.

Final Conclusion

So, what can you do when you want to use the graph paper?

  • Make sure that you only consult the reliable and trusted source and website.
  • Stay away from shady and unclear websites.
  • Always read the terms and conditions sections before downloading or printing the template
  • Make sure that you don’t encounter fussy or complicated operation while accessing the graph paper template.

Download Template

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