20+ Outline Templates Different Forms and Functions

Why do you need the outline template for? For ideas and brainstorming? For writing and essays? For breaking down your daily routine and schedules? You’d be surprised to know that there are different kinds of outlines, formats, and functions. And having the right template can really help.


The Concept of an Outline

As it was mentioned before, there are different kinds of formats and functions of the outline template. In general, it refers to the writing outline when you are about to make a draft or writing ideas. It can also be usually related to thesis, research, or other things that are associated with the academic activities. If you are doing your research and browsing around, you will see that most of the available templates are designed for academic purposes.

However, there are other different kinds of the outline – especially for simpler activities. When you want to break down your daily activities, you can also use the outline. For instance, if you have plans to have home clean up, you can break it down into some major parts: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and backyard. For the living room, you can break it down into more sub-categories, such as clean the sofa, wash the throw cover, wash the rug, etc. Have the overall idea now?

How to Compose the Research Outlines

When you are focusing on making the research outline, there are some elements that you should include in the composition.

  • The purpose. When you want to make a research or writing outline, you should identify the reason why the paper is made and written. Ask these questions: Why do you write this? What kind of essay is it? What category is it included? For instance, the narrative essay will be completely different from the persuasive one.
  • The key points. You should also know your key points – and what makes the essay different from the others. When you write the essay, you are trying to make a point – a statement – right? Then, you should find your key topics and the key points enhancing your topic.
  • The details. If you check the outline template, you should know that supporting details are also important. The simple bulleted points (in the form of regular lists) should be enough. Each component should have each supporting idea that can support the whole essay and its construction.
  • The introduction. You should start your composition by thinking that the reader has never read or hasn’t been familiar with it before. You should be able to create a summary that concludes it all. Don’t worry, once you have written the outlines, writing the introduction will be easy.
  • The conclusion. You should also write the summary, making sure that your readers will get the points.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whatever outline that you need because you should be able to find different kinds of templates. Whether you need the template to break down your daily chores or you need one for scientific writings, you know that you can always find the right outline template for your needs.

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