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Sample Truck Driver Resumes writing the best resume 

When you want to be a truck driver, you need to show your capabilities as a driver. Gaining this purpose, you can arrange a resume by reading sample truck driver resumes. The sample will lead and guide you to write the proper template so that you will be the proper candidate to land this job for the employer.

Moreover, writing this truck driver resumes design will be challenging because you need to write important skills and experience to ensure your capabilities in the driving truck. The driving truck will be different from other vehicles so that you need to have certain skills to ensure the employer that you are the proper candidate.

The sample truck driver resumes template 

To facilitate you arranging this resume, the sample will guide you to write the proper template. Here is the sample that will help you to write the proper template easily.

Mark Hughes

Personal Info

Phone: (555) – 660 – 8892

Email: hughesmark321@gmail.com


CLD –licensed driver with more than 10 years experience. Spotless driving record and adept at navigation. Good people skills and safety-oriented. Capable of committed timely and efficient deliveries. Energetic and deep knowledge of DOT regulation.


Great Bowl Company

The truck driver, June 2017 – present

  • Send freight from warehouse to customers via the southeastern U.S in accordance with company procedures, safety protocols, DOT regulations, and traffic laws
  • Track delivery and keep a log of vehicle issues, cargo records, delivery issues, and billing statement
  • Navigate routes using GPS to find the most efficient route

Black Light Corp.,

The truck driver, April 2010 – March 2017

  • Deliver shipments beverages via Florida
  • Checked cargo and related documentation for completeness
  • Efficiently loaded and prepared cargo for transport
  • Working with customers to ensure smooth and satisfactory deliveries


Mellon High school, Chicago

GED, June 2009

Key skills 

  • Multitasking and time management
  • Clear communication both written and verbal
  • Customer service focus and problem solving or creative solution
  • Detailed oriented and able to work with various team members to get the job done quickly and effectively
  • Coordinating cost-effective logistics


  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

How to create a sample truck driver resumes

Creating this sample truck driver resume idea will be challenging so that you need to ensure your resume quality. In this part, you can follow some steps that will make your template impressive. You need to follow some ideas below to make it impressive.

  • Write your personal information in detail
  • Set the proper verb for this resume such as clean, conduct, fill, deliver, maintain, load, operate, perform, and so forth
  • Highlight your strength in the career objective
  • Remember to include experience on the resume with specific to make it clear to read
  • Include key skills and additional skills to ensure the employer

People also ask 

What should a truck driver put on their resume?

When you write this resume, you need to ensure the employer with some ideas on the resume properly. In this idea, you can take a certain mindset paired with the right job-seeking skills. Here are some ideas to put on your resume.

1) Stay positive although you probably feel overwhelmed for your temporary employment and remember that your situation is just temporary

2) Make a plan for your job search to maximize productivity and break down the process into smaller goals

3) Think outside of the box to get more opportunities because the more option you are open, you will get more opportunities

4) Keep networking to continue reaching out to the individual that can help you to learn more about a particular field

5) Make use of social media

What are the skills of a truck driver?

Your resume will be impressive if you have relevant skills on your template. The sample truck driver resumes format design usually shows some important skills to include on your template. Here are some skills that should be included in the resume.

1) Save driving and focus

2) Responsibility and organizational

3) Mechanical knowledge

4) Cleanliness

Kinds of sample truck driver resume

Moreover, you also will find some types of sample truck driver resumes idea document. The type of this resume will depend on the place where you want to land this job position. Therefore, you can find one of the best samples below to be your reference as well.

Sample professional truck driver resumes

This resume is the basic resume that will begin with a clear-cut objective and going to skills. The resume also will mention the job experience in a chronological manner and it will give the educational qualification. This sample resume will lead you to be a professional truck driver.

Sample delivery truck driver resumes

The resume has a detailed sample that will begin with contact details followed by a professional summary. The resume also will have core qualifications and the duties one has performed for various employers that will make the recipient understand very well.

Entry-level sample truck driver resumes

The type of this resume will be rather different from previous samples. This resume will begin with the major strengths and special capabilities of the candidate. Besides, this template also will list down the work experience and also the volunteering effort that will make the resume getting awesome.

Sample truck driver resumes in Word 

The word type will make your resume easy to edit. Besides, this template also has a detailed and neat fuel truck driver resume. In this template, the resume will begin with the job objective and present highlights on qualifications and you also can arrange a brief operation handled at different workplaces.

Dump Truck Driver Resumes

The template will elaborate the dump truck driver resume that will focus on professional competency, detailed driving experience, and also key achievement. This template also will discuss the special skills of the drivers. Therefore, you will get the satisfaction template for dump truck drivers here.

With those ideas, your sample truck driver resumes will be useful to arrange the proper template. You need to consider that this sample will make people easy to arrange the template. Moreover, you also need to aware that many samples of this resume will give you more options to write a proper resume suitable to your need.

Sample Truck Driver Resumes


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