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When you decide to apply for an accounting job, you have to create a unique resume that can impress a hiring manager. There are many samples of accounting resumes you can find on the internet. However, you need to be able to write your own resume. So, let’s discuss it further here!

Sample of Accounting Resume

Before we discuss it further, let’s pay attention to the following accounting resume sample first!

Julie Marrion


123 Aaron Smith Drive, Harrisburg, PA 55292


Career Objective

A certified public accountant with 7 years of job experience of ledger processes, reconciliations, & streamlining reports. Have an MBA. Seeking to leverage my professional experience & expertise into a managerial role as a corporate banker.

Professional Experience

JJ Group Company – Sacramento, CA

Financial Analyst, August 2017 – present

  • Have journal entries & perform corrections to ensure accurate records
  • Perform process analysis as well as communicate recommendations to management
  • Analyze, examine, & interpret records, as well as compile financial information and also reconcile financial data & reports
  • Manage a $400,000 budget, with a cost reduction totaling 20% more than 2 years
  • Make financial reports & support all areas of responsibility in a finance team of 6 persons

John and Son Inc. – Bakersfield, CA

Financial Advisor, July 2014 – June 2017

  • Adhered to departmental controls & regulations, maintaining ethical conduct at all times
  • Forecasted losses & earnings with qualitative/quantitative analyses to a high accuracy, allowing the organization to manage & invest resources intelligently
  • Trained & supervised 3 new employees, ensuring they maintain great attention to detail


Poloma University – Bloomfield, NJ

MBA, May 2014

Grover University – Alamosa, CO

B.A. in Accounting, December 2010

  • Magna Cum Laude

Additional Skills

  • Excellent skills in communication, and ability to present complex information that is easy to understand
  • Knowledge of Ms. Office apps, SAGE< and Oracle


  • Certified Public Accountant

How to Write an Accounting Resume

Writing an accounting resume requires you to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you have to place your contact information details at the top part.
  2. Second of all, your resume should be started with your career objective.
  3. Third of all, your professional experience must be highlighted on your resume.
  4. After that, you need to make a section that lists your education.
  5. If there are any additional skills, just feel free to include them!
  6. You can also add certifications you have got if any.

People also ask

What Are Basic Accounting Skills?

When it comes to a basic accounting resume, you should focus on your soft skills. There are a few soft skills required to be an accountant such as active learning, critical thinking, mathematical & deductive reasoning, system analysis, time management, analytical & problem-solving skills, and communication.

What Are Hard Skills in Accounting?

It will be better if you also add your hard skills related to an accounting job such as proficiency in planning & implementing accounting controls, developing effective financial report methods, knowing how to prepare & interpret financial statements, and using accounting software programs.

What Are the Basic Accounting Principles?

There are 5 basic principles of modern accounting. They include the objectivity principle, the cost principle, the matching principle, the expense principle, and the revenue principle.

What Are the 3 Kinds of Accounting?

A business should use 3 separate kinds of accounting to track its expenses & income efficiently. They include financial, managerial, and cost accounting.

What Are Basic Journal Entries?

You need to know that there are a few kinds of accounting entries that debit an account & credit the corresponding account. They include simple journal entries and in double-entry bookkeeping entries.

Accounting Resume with No Work Experience

This accounting resume template is suitable for you who are interested in an accounting job but have no job experience. It means this resume is recommended for a new job seeker or fresh graduate. This will help you to get your first experience in an accounting job.

Accounting Resume Template Word

This template Word is designed for an accounting job. It is easy to edit using Ms. Office. You can edit it from your PC, laptop, tablet, etc. To make it fit for your needs, you have to include your qualities only. Besides, your resume should also match the job posting.

Accounting Resume for College

If you want to continue your study or apply for a job in accounting, this resume is just for you. This is ideal for students, fresh graduates, new job seekers, or even experienced accountants. If you want to move to a new company, you will also need this resume.

Resume for Accounting First Job

An editable accounting resume is needed when you are applying a job, especially for the first time. This resume will assist you to get your first ever job. If you have some relevant experiences like volunteering, internships, etc., those experiences should be included on your resume.

Accounting Resume Sample

This is a sample of a resume for an accounting job. This resume is designed for an accounting job but you can use it for other jobs you want. Because it is an editable resume, you can easily make it matched the job posting.

Accounting Resume Example

This resume example is very inspiring. By using this example, you will get inspired to write a solid resume. Then, you can use it to apply for the available jobs as an accountant or any other relevant position.

Free Accounting Resume Template

This template is 100% free to use. If you are interested in an accounting job, just feel free to use this resume template. Anyone who wants to write an accounting resume is allowed to use this free template. With this template, you will be able to create an impressive resume effortlessly.

We all know that writing a resume is not an easy task. However, it will be much easier if you use this free editable template. Even more, you can also save energy & time. Hopefully, these accounting resumes and tips will help you a lot.

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