Personal Reference Letter And Its Example You Can Apply

It seems that a personal reference letter is similar to a recommendation letter, but it is absolutely different. According to the purpose, a personal reference letter is general statements of the person’s character, knowledge, and skills while a recommendation letter is used to address how qualified a person is for a certain opportunity such as fellowship. This personal letter is needed to ease a person is seeking a job or other opportunities.


Who Are Asked To Write A Personal Reference Letter?

Many people are confused about who are the right people to ask for a personal reference letter. A lot of sources are waiting to be asked, for example,family, friends, neighbors, leaders, and so on as this reference is general. Those who write must know you well and write the fact. Even though it is more general, you need to avoid people who will write biased statements like your immediate family (mother, father, children, wife) and close friends.

How Do You Make A Personal Reference Letter?

In making a personal reference letter, the two sides, you as the one who request and the writer must collaborate perfectly. You need to respect the writer as he/ she agrees to write the letter, and the writer should be responsible for it. Here are several points to help you make a good personal reference letter:

Reach The People To Ask For

It is polite behavior if you call the writer first. Tell your purpose and do not hesitate to make an appointment as he/she has another activity to be done. Therefore, he/she can approve your request to write for you. Last, do not forget to choose the right person.

Provide All The Information Needed

In this case, you need to prepare what things should be explained to the writer such as the characteristics of the letter, structure, and the contents.


Even though your letter is done, remind your writer to check the grammar and spelling as it is pivotal to show that this letter is written by a correct person.

Personal Reference LetterExample

Dear Employer,

I am putting this ink letter on behalf of Allison Karl Waldemar Ziegler United Nations agency has been an indepth friend and neighbor for the last ten years. Allison contains a degree in graphic style from the Art Institute wherever she graduated with honors fifteen years agone. She worked for a bedrock style Firm for five years, however resigned shortly before her initial kid was born. it had been at now that she and her husband stirred adjoining to Pine Tree State.

I have had the privilege of serving with Allison on varied occasions wherever we’ve got worked along to arrange events and activities in our children’s faculties, the neighborhood and church. I actually have found Allison to be very organized and economical with glorious individuals skills. She is a lively and evangelistic one that will be counted on to follow through on her commitments. She conjointly has glorious leadership skills with the flexibility to spot talent in others, assemble a team to realize a particular purpose and keep everybody driven and targeted on a standard goal.

It is with nice pleasure that I like to recommend Allison Karl Waldemar Ziegler for the position of graphic designer at your firm. Her inventive skills and structure skills associate with Nursingd dedication would be a plus to any company.



Beth Foster

President of Lake Shore Homeowners’ Association


That is the brief information about a personal reference letter you can implement. Feel free to edit and customize the letter according to your own needs.


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