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Writer Resumes Sample to Build Professional Personality

For those who want to join the management or company as a writer, writing a professional resume is a must. The resume will be the first read document by the recruiter to determine whether the candidate is applicable or not. That is why knowing about writer resumes sample is needed.

By seeing a resume sample, of course, you could know how the professional sample looks like. Besides, you also could see the detailed information that should be added there.

On this occasion, we will talk about some matters of the resumes for a writer candidate. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Sample of Professional Writer Resume

As we have said before, a sample of a professional resume can be a true reference for those who want to make it. Of course, by seeing a resume sample, you may get more ideas about what to be written to build a professional personality.

Here, we have a simple professional writer resume sample to be read.

Antonio Jonathan

River State, Washington DC, US | (555) 161-0112 | Antonio.jonathan@email.com

Professional Summary

High dedicated, hardworking, and professional writer with skills for multitasking, problem-solving, and quick learning. Areas of experience include content writing and search engine marketing.

Areas of Expertise

  • Microsoft Word
  • Content writing and editing
  • Data entry
  • Customer service
  • Google AdWords

Employment Experience

Freelance Content Writer, 04/2014 – current

Green Fields Content, Washington DC, US

  • Wrote kinds of articles and blog for websites
  • Used the SEO friendly manner as well as reports, e-books, and press release
  • Worked with the whole team to reach the targets of management

SEM Department Support Members of Team, 03/2012 to 03/2014

Blue Ocean.id, Washington DC, US

  • Create the different template for search engine marketing campaign
  • Wrote and edited the instructional wikis for the different department
  • Edited and created ad copy for the different customers
  • Researched and recorded raw data for search engine marketing campaign
  • Created demonstration account of AdWords
  • Maintained the record tracking inter-office data


The University of Santa Cruz, Washington DC, US


September 2002 – January 2006

The University of Irvine, Washington DC, US

Music and Political Science

May 2000 – June 2001

Additional Information

  • Editor of Literary magazine in West Lake High School
  • Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholar


  • High determination and dedication
  • High concentration
  • Deadline oriented

How to Make a Professional Writer Resume?

Knowing a sample of the resume is not enough since there are some steps to be applied to write this document. To ease you in finishing your professional sample, here we have some basic steps to be done in writing it.

Steps to be known in writing a professional resume are:

  • Choose the detailed and appropriate format of resume
  • Add the name and contact information
  • Write an interesting headline
  • Add the professional resume summary
  • Detail the employment experience
  • List the relevant skills
  • Add the detailed education, certification, and any awards

What are the tips to write a professional resume for a freelance?

As a freelance, you need to know some steps in writing a personal resume. The detailed tips are:

  • Determine the key selling points
  • Create a targeted summary of a resume
  • Focus on the related and relevant experience
  • List the awards that are gotten, if any
  • Prepare the clips
  • Proofread the whole resume

How to be a writer when I have no experience?

There are some ideas to be done first when you have no experience to be a professional writer. Some ideas to be done are:

  • Start a blog
  • Start guest posting
  • Sign up for a simple portfolio
  • Start a Facebook page
  • Create a sample
  • Network with other writers

Is a design of a resume needed to be made?

Well, a design is quite essential for a resume. That is why you need to think about it. By a certain design, a resume will look clear and clean. It also shows how professional you are in arranging personal information.

On another hand, a detailed design for a resume will be very useful to ease the recruiter read the detailed information. Of course, a chance to get better attention from the recruiter will be bigger.

Kinds of Writer Resume Templates

Using the writer resume template is another idea to be applied to write a professional resume. By using a template, all you need to do is just personalize the detailed information inside it. Of course, it also will ease you in finalizing your professional resume.

Grant Writer Resume Template

Do you want to be a grant writer for continuing your writing career? This template can be an inspiration when you want to join the new management. The grant writer resume template is a simple sample and it can be applied on different occasions.

Technical Writer Resume Template

Becoming a technical writer sometimes is a dream of an individual. However, to get this position, the candidate needs to show their capabilities by a professional resume. Well, this writer resume template is an interesting helper to ease you finish your need.

Senior Writer Resume Template

For a senior writer, getting a new job will be easier than a junior. However, they still need to prove their capabilities. Writing a professional resume can be an effective proving way that they could do.

Medical Writer Resume Template

When you want to be a medical writer, this template can be your helper. Yes, it is a simple template to be followed. Here, you will see the detailed information that should be added and included.

Sports Writer Resume Template

Do you like sports and want to be a professional writer in that field? Well, you could follow this simple template. It is a simple and an easy to follow template that you could choose. By using this template, writing a professional writer’s resume can be done in minutes!

That is all about writer resumes sample that you need to know. Find the most appropriate template and sample to ease you into getting a better position as a professional writer.

Writer Resumes Sample

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