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Volunteer Resume for supporting your job application  

You need to know that the goal of writing a volunteer resume is to quickly show employers you are a great fit for the job. Adding information like your skills, professional experience and education can help to convey why the employer will advance you in the hiring process.

Besides, the volunteer resume template will help the employers understanding the interest, skills, and support resume with little to no professional experience. You will get more benefits for your volunteer work on your resume because it will inform on transferable skills when changing careers or industries.

Sample of a volunteer resume

To help you arrange this template, you can follow the sample of this volunteer resume without any difficulties.

Jonathan Irish

Personal Info 

Phone: (666)-777-9990

Email: irish13@gmail.com


Energetic management professional vast in business management, finance, sales, and data analysis. A self-motivated and result-oriented individual efficient in mental calculation and optimal resource management techniques to cut company costs and boost company revenue.



August 2019 to current

University medical center of California, California

  • Enhance the educational skills by instructing at least 10 children on singing and playing
  • Making the scheduled to entertain children in their stay


July 2018 – July 2019

Whataburger – California

  • Handle all services in the food stand including cooking and waiting on customers

Education and training

Electric engineering, August 2016

University of California, California

High school degree: automotive maintenance, May 2015

Bachelor’s Degree: Nursing 2019


  • Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel)
  • Ability to work with diverse personalities across multiple functions of the organization
  • Represent Focus in a professional manner as a volunteer


  • Spanish
  • English

How to write a volunteer resume

Here are some ideas that should be included when you are arranging a volunteer resume design idea. You have to include it with detailed information to make the recipient easily understanding your resume.

  • Include contact information and you need to include alternative contact channels as well as your name, address, phone, Email
  • Write the career objective and you can include 1-3 sentences giving a broad overview of your background
  • Qualification summary that provides accurate details about the certification and qualification
  • Relevant experience that will indicate clearly your previous volunteering
  • Other employment experience

People also ask 

How do I write a volunteer resume?

There are some points that will help you to write a resume for a volunteer. Here are some of the points to know:

1) You can include the example of volunteer work in your professional experience section

2) Remember to connect your volunteer experience with your skills to ensure the recipient

3) Create a separate section at the end of your resume for unrelated volunteer experience

What is good volunteer work on a resume?

If you want to arrange a good volunteer resume template design, you can follow the ideas below:

1) Put the volunteer on resumes in the work experience if it proves multiple skills the job

2) Put minor volunteering experience on resume in a separate section lower down

3) List the volunteer work on resumes when it is minor

4) Show achievements tied to skills in the job ad

Kinds of a volunteer resume

Many types are available for you to select for your volunteer position. The different volunteers will be different in the way you arrange. Therefore, you have to know the kinds of this resume to apply for your own resume. Because of that, the readers will impress when they read your resume without any difficulties.

Volunteer Resume with No Experience 

This resume will be simple because you do not need to include the experience on the resume template. You only need to focus on your skills whether the key skills or the soft skills. The skills will ensure the recipient about your ability to do your work activities very well.

Volunteer Resume Template Word 

This volunteer resume idea design will be useful because it can be customized and edited easily. The Word also will be simple to arrange so that you should not worry if you cannot design the program in other software. Therefore, you have to make the template simple with Word but it is easily understandable.

Volunteer resume for college 

If you are a college, this resume template will be suitable for you. This resume is different from the common resume because you are a college. Moreover, this resume will have similarities to a resume with no experience. Therefore, you have to focus on the skills to show your qualities for the recipients.

Volunteer resume example 

The example of this resume is useful because it will guide you to make the proper resume. The example usually will highlight your accomplishment so that you can pay attention to the duties you performed as detailed in your volunteer job description or part-time.

Volunteer resume sample 

This sample resume will help you to expect the details regarding your main tasks and duties completed during previous volunteering roles. If you want to be a day chair volunteer, you need to include the skills to answer a question about the agency and distribute the application form.

Volunteer resume for the first job

This resume is not difficult to arrange because you only need to give certain skills. If you want to apply for an environmental volunteer, you probably can include a document and code all samples onto a spreadsheet. You also can include the photograph of plant species and add them to survey lists.

Volunteer Resume healthcare Example 

If you want to arrange this resume for healthcare, you need to include the direct patient from emergency and from desk to specific medical department. You also can create and distribute the visitor passes and answer the phone and respond to inquiries at the front desk.

Writing this volunteer resume will be challenging because you need to show your abilities and qualities on the resume. If you have experience, you can include it in this resume template to ensure the recipient about your qualities. Therefore, this resume will support you to apply for a job in the future without any difficulties.



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