The Example Of Simple Still Interested in Job Letter

If you haven’t heard any news about your application from the employee, you need to send still interested in job letter. Several reasons make the hiring projects delayed.  But sending this letter to the employer will make sure that you are remembered by the hirer and help you know if you are still considered as the potential candidate or not.


How To Tell You Are Still Interested In The Job

It is wise to ask about the progress of the hiring project because it shows you are serious enough in eying the position. As long as you ask it properly, it is OK. Make sure you send the still interested in job letter with the correct format. This document serves as a follow up about the application.

This letter is a follow-up of your previous application and you must state the position which is on your radar. Remind your employer using this to know how far the process could take. Probably, the delayed information is due to the lost document you have sent. Therefore, this letter will be very useful later.

Letter Of Interest VS Cover Letter

The main difference in the cover letter is your statements that you are the best candidate to be influenced. It is more like how you sell yourself to the employer. In the letter of interest, you emphasize more that you can be an asset to the company.

How To Write A Still Interested In Job Letter

There are some aspects you must include in the still interested job letter, such as:

Reasons to hire you

You need to states the reasons why the company must put interest in your profile and how the skills and experience can help the business. Explain well how these will benefit the company.

Contact information

Always and always include the contact information in case you are called for further steps. It is also quicker to know their response.


Always write the letter short and to the points. Avoid any flowery words without meaning. The Human Resources Department has no time to read all of the letters one by one. You need to make sure the position of your information eye-catching which means the reader can easily spot your potential. Using the common format is great. Remember also to write it with a formal tone too.

The Example Of Still Interested In Job

Dear Mr. Shedon,


I would like to reiterate my interest in the opening position as a Digital Marketer Specialist in ABC Company. I have been working as an SEO specialist for 5 years and I feel I can be an asset to your company.

The last time we discussed this was on December 24, 2020, which was my second phase of the interview. That interview gave me a good feeling and confidence about my fit in this company. I believe the company has another challenge that my skills and experience can fit with.

I hope you are still including me in the hiring process. I can be contacted by phone at (555)666-666 and I will be very happy to discuss it with you again. I can be contacted through email too at

Thank you for your consideration.





Elenor Biden

There is nothing wrong to look for information about your hiring process. Who knows your document has been missing somewhere so the employer couldn’t see your potential. Use the still interested in job letter for a polite one.

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