10+ Simple Work Resume Template


Simple Work Resume Template to get a job impressively 

Arranging a work resume is important because it will help you to introduce your quality to the recipient or employer very well. In this idea, you need to pay attention to writing a simple work resume template. This template is impressive because it will help you to make a proper template easily.

The simple work resume template format has a simple style that will help you to arrange an excellent resume. The basic will be a time-tested format that will pick for any career field. Therefore, you probably will need a sample that will lead you to arrange the template as well.

A sample simple work resume template

To inspire you to write this resume, you can read the following sample that will guide you to write the template impressively.

Mark Robson

Personal Info

Phone: (777)-772-991

Email: robsonmark23@gmail.com


An administrative assistant with 5+ years of experience that organize presentations, preparing facility reports, and maintaining the utmost confidentiality. Passes a B.A. in History and expertise in Microsoft Excel. Looking to leverage my knowledge and experience into a role as a project manager.


Administrative Assistant

Bradford and Sons, San Marino, August 2018 – present

  • Organize and coordinate to meet, appointments, and travel arrangement for supervisor and manager
  • Trained 2 administrative assistants during a period of company expansion to make sure the attention to detail and adherence to company policy
  • Improve new filling and organizational practice, saving the company $2.000 per year in contracted labor expenses
  • Keep utmost direction when dealing with sensitive topics


Utford LTC, San Marino, September 2016 – June 2018

  • Typed document like correspondence, draft, memos, and emails, and prepare 3 reports weekly for management
  • Opened sorted and distributed incoming messages and correspondence
  • Purchased and maintained office supply inventories and being careful to adhere to budgeting practices
  • Greeted visitors and determined to whom and when they can speak with specific individuals


Bachelor of Arts in History

River Book University, Chicago

Key skills 

  • Expert in Microsoft office and focus on Excel
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English
  • Web and tech-savvy, require little to no training

How to create a simple work resume template

To create this simple work resume template idea design, you need to pay attention to the way to arrange this resume. In this idea, you need to know some ideas below:

  • You need to begin with your name and contact information
  • You also need to make a proper listed career goal at the top and you need to highlight your skills and talent succinctly
  • You also have to write a work history with always chronological
  • Forget to the unique fonts, colors, etc. because you need to arrange traditional document with traditional formatting

What are the types of simple work resumes?

To arrange a work resume design format, you will find some types that will make your resume impressive to read. This idea will be useful because it will help you to arrange the proper resume without any difficulties.

1) Chronological resume that will begin with the most recent position

2) Functional resume that will highlight your skills and experiences instead of your chronological work history

3) Combination resume that will focus on the applicant’s skills and qualification that should be listed in the top portion of the resume

How do I write a simple work resume effectively?

You also need to consider that your employers need to arrange well. In this idea, you need to pay attention to the proper resume on the desk almost regularly. You also need to pay attention and make it an attraction to give you more benefits.

1) You need to format your resumes in a wise manner

2) You also need to determine achievement instead of the job description because most employers seek a candidate that can help them to solve the problem

3) You also need to state your accomplishment accordingly because it will be a marketing tool that aims to promote your skills and strengths

4) Your resume should cater to the industry that you are aiming for and ensure that your resume contains information that will cater to the needs of a certain

Kinds of a simple work resume template

Many types of simple work resume template idea design will help you to arrange the proper resume. In this idea, you can select the proper resume that is suitable for your job position. With this idea, you can showcase your capabilities very well.

IT Work Resume Sample 

This resume will be the best idea for you who want to arrange the resume for IT work. The resume focuses on the skills and also experience in a relevant position. The resume will be great if you also include the education on the resume to ensure that you have potential education on it.

Office work resumes 

If you want to be in office work, this resume will be your best choice. The resume is simple but it will influence the people to arrange the proper template. This resume will emphasize the skills and also experience so that you need to write it on the resume properly.

Administrative manager resume

The resume has impressive skills in administration so that you need to focus on it. The resume also needs to focus on the skills that have mathematical points. The resume will be great if you are an accountant in education so that you have to make it impressive.

Entry-level office work

If you are a fresh graduate, this resume will be the best choice for you. This resume is great because it will emphasize your education and your relevant experience. Therefore, you have to include the proper template suitable with this resume template to make it awesome.

Social work student resume 

This job position is impressive because it is for social work students. This resume will be rather different from the common resume so that you have to arrange the proper template suitable with it.

With those ideas, you will get the satisfaction simple work resume template without any difficulties. Because of that, you have to arrange it properly.

Simple Work Resume Template


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