10+ Automobile Resume Templates


Automobile Resume Templates to apply for a job easily 

If you want to work in an automobile place, you need to arrange automobile resume templates. This resume will be useful because it will introduce your qualities to work in an Automobile place. You also can include the proper skills and experience to ensure the employer easily.

Furthermore, the automobile resume templates format also will be great if you understand the important information on this resume. You also need to include your skills and experiences.

The sample of automobile resume templates

To inspire you to write this resume, you need to pay attention to the following sample that will lead you to arrange the proper resume without any difficulties.

John Neil

Personal Info

Phone: (666)-882-992

Email: neiljohn512@gmail.com


A multi-talented automotive technician with 5+ years of experience in diagnosing and fixing mechanical issues. Excited to raise customer satisfaction at reliance Auto. At AutoHAck, serviced vehicles daily, maintaining 90% work quality.


Automotive technician

AutoHack, California, June 2018 – present

  • Inspect and diagnose vehicle ranging from small cars to heavy-duty trucks using the Auto Ingenuity scanning equipment
  • Optimize 20+ pneumatic tools and air compressors
  • Diagnose and repair 100+ vehicle manufacture monthly
  • Use advanced technology for foreign and domestic repairs
  • Do routine 30k and 80k mile servicing

Automotive technician

Unity Automotive, California, July 2016 – May 2018

  • Used checklist to ensure proper maintenance of 120+ vehicles per month
  • Communicated with 150+ customers to grow business
  • Upgraded 5+ vehicles per day by repairing, replacing, and removing old tires, shock, and brakes
  • Keep an organized station to meet deadlines on repair orders


Associate Degree in Automotive Technology 2012 – 2016

  • Pursued a passion for foreign car repair
  • Scored top of the class in electric and hybrid classes


  • Fleet management
  • Diagnostic software
  • Diagnosis and repair
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Customer services
  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking


  • French
  • English

How to create automobile resume templates

To make this automobile resume templates format idea, you need to know some steps below. The steps are simple so that you need to pay attention to them to make it great to understand. Here are the steps to follow:

  • You can begin your resume with the right format the resume with a great layout to ensure the people that you are the proper candidate
  • You also need to add the experience to your resume where you can target your resume by starting to list your latest job title and write the shop and the years and months that you were employed
  • You have to make your education section count by listing your school name and your associate or bachelor’s degree.
  • Put the right skills in your resume to ensure the employer about your quality in the resume
  • Add another section to your resume to show that you have a great experience

How do I write automobile resume templates?

If you want to make your automobile resume template design idea impressive, you can pay attention to the tips below. The tips are simple but they will influence the readers about your qualities. Here are some of the tips to follow:

1) Write the objective on top of your resume

2) Write personal detail, educational details, and your experience details

3) Remember to include your name, address, and contact information for communication

4) Your educational details also need to show in this resume with detailed information for your study relevant to the job you are applying to

5) Include your work experience in your resume if you have

What should a mechanic put on a resume?

Besides, you also need to know that this resume has an impressive format if you can include some ideas below to put on your resume. The proper format on your resume will make people awesome to understand your resume.

1) Your format needs to be applied with reverse chronological resume format to list your best wrenching achievement

2) You also need to apply font such as Helvetica or Cambria to make your resume looking great

3) The line spacing and font for this resume is about 1 to 1.15 and 11 – 12 point

4) Resume heading on this resume will be great if you can include 13 – 14 points

Kinds of automobile resume templates

Furthermore, this automobile resume templates design format also has some types that can be selected as your template. The proper template will help you to get the proper job without any difficulties. Here are some of the types for this job position.

Modern automobile resume templates

The modern type of this resume is impressive because it looks awesome. Different from the classical resume, this resume has some modifications to the structure this resume. The template will focus on the experience and skills that will make your employer awesome.

Minimal automobile resume templates

This resume is different from the previous one because it looks so simple. Moreover, people will know the aim of this resume because of the way you arrange the template. You only need to focus on the style of your resume and include the relevant skills to ensure the people.

Simple monochromatic automobile resume templates

The design of this template is awesome with its monochromatic style. The resume will focus on your skills and also experience that will make your template impressive. Remember to pay attention to the education and also skills to ensure your employer about you.

Free automobile resume templates Doc Template 

Since it is free to download, you can download this resume and edit it suitable for your job position. The template is also simple to edit so that you can customize your resume suitable to your job position as an automobile resume.

Automobile resume templates in Word 

The resume is easily edited and customized so that it will be suitable for you who do not know about this resume. You only need to change the template suitable with your need to ensure employer about your qualities.

Because of that, you should not worry if you want to arrange the automobile resume templates. You will have many types to select and edit it suitable with your job position without any difficulties.


Automobile Resume Templates Sample

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