Salary Acceptance Letter You Should Prepare

Everyone is delighted to hear that they are offered a job by an organization. Open the mailbox and see the letter which contains a position and benefits such as salary and services. The first thing your eyes gaze on is the salary that is written boldly. If the salary is not appropriate for example it is too small as your work needs hard-work, you may negotiate it with the company. However, if you recognize that the organization knows you better, you may accept it. Then, do not forget to inform the company that you are ready to work with the salary and the services offered.

How Do You Respond To The Offered Salary?

Money is not everything, but you need it for a living. Therefore, do not be hasty in considering it when the offer comes.  Most people will not care about the salary as they are extremely happy then decide to accept the job in hurry. You need to take more time to think about your salary and the services along with the position offered.

How Do You Write A Salary Acceptance Letter?

Writing a salary acceptance letter means that you agree to the salary given. Show your professionalism by writing this letter concisely, comprehensible, and politely. If you are confused about what should be written in it, let me help you with the explanation below:


State briefly the purpose of writing this letter. Remember that this kind of letter is written due to the acceptance of the salary offered.


Write completely the detail of salary and services offered by the organization. This shows that you have read the letter. In other words, you respect them.


This part covers your thankfulness to the company because of the offer. Close it with a clear and solid statement.

Letter Of Interest Example

Dear Ms. Jackson,

I am putting this on ink letter to formally settle for the earnings and edges package you’ve got projected to Maine for the position of web promoting manager with In Your Face Advertising.

According to the give you submitted to Maine on October seventeen, 2013, the annual earnings for this position are $68,000, which can be paid to Maine bi-weekly. Additionally, to the present earnings, I may also earn a bonus for prodigious sales volumes to bonuses from high-performing accounts. These bonuses may add the maximum amount of $20,000 to my annual earnings and would be paid on a quarterly basis.

I perceive that the terms of this earnings and account statement agreement are in result for one full year from the date of my rent, which is presently expected to be All Saints’ Day in 2013. Afterward the initial year of service, we’ve got in agreement to renegotiate these terms primarily based upon my performance in an exceedingly meeting which will come about personally.

In returning to the present agreement, I feel that we’ve got created a dependent deal which will be within the best interest of your company. I might wish to thank you for giving the chance to fill this position and wait forward to fulfill my new responsibilities with In Your Face Advertising.



Ms. Madeline Johnson

Internet Marketing Manager

At last, we hope all our short explanation about salary acceptance letter we have provided above. Feel free to edit your template to be able to prepare it according to your needs.



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