10+ Real Estate Flyer Customizable PSD Template


Amazing Real Estate Flyer Templates

When you want to sell your house, the way to advertise your home will play a big role during its process. It is important for you to announce it as fast as possible, and share it with many potential buyers to increase your chance to sell a house at a good price. One of the best ways to tell others that your house has sold is by distributing a good real estate flyer template.

Why do you need a real estate flyer template?

If you can make an effective flyer template, then it will bring the right buyer to your doorstep and make your call ringing as well. Sometimes, potential buyers have an idea about what type of property they want. Your flyer does not only help to sell your house, but it also serves you with an effective tool for your business. Although a home that you have advertised is not what your buyers want, at least it contains your personal contact information means that the buyer will give you a call.

What things to include in your real estate flyer template?

No matter what you call it as a sale flyer, this is something that you need to have when you have a plan to sell your home. For real estate agents, then distribute this flyer to different people to share the word out. As a homeowner, then making this template will help you to sell your house faster. You have to think about what things to include in your template. You have to ensure that this flyer is effective and contains all necessary information.


It is one of the most necessary parts since it will catch the attention of buyers. A good sentence will be enough to entice them to keep reading your flyer.

House description

You need to include a short paragraph that serves as a promotion word for your property. You have to mention all benefits or purchasing your home.

Detail information about the price

For this information, then there are several options. You can mention the asking price or provide a “call to action” for the buyers to contact you to learn more about the price details.

Features in your house

You can highlight all the best features of your home. Make it easy to read by making a list format rather than a paragraph. Do not forget to add your contact number and a high-definition image of your home in your real estate flyer template.

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