Pastor Acceptance Letter Example

A particular congregation will receive an invitation for one of the pastors to take a part in a nomination. If a pastor is invited, he must let the committee know that he attends the event. As it is a kind of formal invitation, you need a pastor acceptance letter to certainly confirm the nomination. To get further information about this letter, we have provided the explanation you can read below.

What Do You Write In A Pastor Acceptance Letter?

This is concerning religion and the way you write must be religious in nature. You also need to think of a word by word in this letter because you are a pastor. The content must be your capability of obeying the whole terms stated because you accept the offer. Do not forget to introduce yourself while being a reverend. You can start by stating when you begin to be a pastor and so forth. To make your letter look religious, mention certain scripture verses or sayings about a pastor’s service. The closing would show phrases such as “yours in Christ” which reflects the faith.

How About If You Decline The Invitation?

If you decline, you must do politely. Remember that you are a pastor who should keep up the dignity. There is the etiquette regarding this case. Confirm to the committee as fast as possible because they need your news to make sure all things occur in the right way. You can write a pastor decline letter, then.

An Example Of Pastor Acceptance Letter

Dear Mr. Groove,

I am delighted to have your committee’s nomination for the role of pastor for Christ the Lord Church. After much prayer, God has said to me that this decision is one that the Lord has ordered for me, and I am humbled to be selected to serve your congregation in this manner.

Before being a pastor, I believe it’s necessary that you just grasp a bit regarding my human relationship with Christ. I started my walk with Christ back in 2004 once stricken by a significant automobile accident that left the American state severely battle-scarred. At that point, I didn’t grasp if I might ever be able to walk once more and was desperate for physical and emotional healing. I asked Christ into my heart, and my life has ne’er been identical.

I married my beloved wife, Rebekah in June 2007, and she or he shares the identical love of Christ that I do. we tend to predict our initial kid in the Gregorian calendar month, and conceive to raise him in step with Proverbs 22:6, which says we tend to are to coach up a toddler within the means he’s to travel so that once he’s previous, he won’t depart from it. As such, Rebekah’s appearance forward to serving to alternative young mothers World Health Organization ar troubled to coach their kids within the means of the Lord yet and plans to become heavily concerned in children’s ministry here at the church.

Our initial Sunday with you’ll get on Gregorian calendar month three, 2013. At that point, I will be able to begin a six-week sermon series from the book of Revelation regarding the top times. I’m trying forward to meeting several new folks, and conjointly expect to serve the Lord along for several years to come back.

In His Service,


Reverend William Knight

Hope you can take advantages after reading the article. Feel free to customize your own pastor acceptance letter based on your needs and situation. Good luck!



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