Junior Software Developer Cover Letter Explanation And Sample

Understanding a lot of things about software and computers is a great luck. Because at this time many industries will employ someone with a good understanding of technology. If you feel you qualify in that field, you can look for a vacancy at a company and start writing your junior software developer cover letter. That way, you can prepare carefully while correcting if there is diction or grammar that needs to be improved.


What Is a Junior Software Developer?

As the name suggests, a junior software developer is a worker in the early stages who has the task of developing various software with specific coding. Usually, they do not have work experience and only share about their previous internship experiences. As a junior developer, of course, you will have several duties including helping the development manager.

What Are Tips To Be A Successful Junior Developer?

If you want to be a successful junior software developer, you must know about the most important skills you need for this profession. Some of the abilities you need to have included being able to work as a team, being able to adapt well, having great curiosity, being able to think critically, and being able to listen to other people well.

Listening is a skill that not everyone has. Most people just want to be heard. But you shouldn’t be like that as a developer, you have to be able to listen and understand what other people say. Especially if you are dealing with a non-developer who is unfamiliar with some development terms.

What Are The Duties of Junior Developer?

There are several responsibilities that you need to fulfill to become a junior developer, such as the following:

  • Understand about coding
  • Willing to attend company development meetings
  • Able to write reports and perform tests
  • Willing to work with a team
  • Can meet the demands of the development team
  • Can think critically, quickly, and improve skills quickly

Junior Software Developer Cover Letter Sample

Here is a junior software developer cover letter example that you can use as a sample:

Dear Mr. Young,

I would like to express my interest in filling vacancies in the junior software developer position at First Global Innovation, Inc. I have read the criteria you need, and it matches my qualifications.

I have a degree in computer science. My achievements and internship experience for one year motivates me to join your company. My internship experience has been a great achievement because I was able to learn a lot of new things quickly in one year. I will use my experience as a guideline for doing a better job in your company. I believe it will be a useful asset for the development of your company.

I have excellent communication skills, be it oral or written. I can also work quickly and efficiently according to rules and directions. Also, I like learning new things about software, despite my understanding of the various programs I have mastered.

I am a person who prioritizes working hours as a time to stay productive and focused. I am also able to explain things in detail to my colleagues and solve problems well. Please contact me at (444)-4422-222 if you wish to continue the interview process.



David Lee

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

That’s all our brief explanation about a junior software developer cover letter and its sample. Hope it can help you a lot to write your cover letter. Good luck.


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