Human Resources Officer Cover Letter: Job Description And The Sample

If you wish to be recruited when applying for an HR officer position, be sure to demonstrate good qualifications. Several things you need to include in a cover letter such as time management skills and completing each assigned duties. If you want to make an outstanding human resources officer cover letter, be sure not to write it around the bush. Give it a warm impression but still be friendly, polite, and professional. Don’t forget to close your cover letter with your signature and name.

What Are The Responsibilities of HR Officer?

As an HR Officer, there are several responsibilities or obligations that you must complete. Among these are the following tasks:

How To Be Recruited As An HR Officer?

Before writing a human resources officer cover letter to apply for a job, you need to know several qualifications if you want to be accepted as an HR Officer. This field of work is not specific to certain graduates, but several majors that are said to be relevant to this field include HR management, psychology, business, or management. Besides, make sure you meet skills such as:

  • Able to manage time and have business awareness
  • Have good interpersonal skills so that you can build warm relationships with everyone
  • Have proper organizational and planning skills
  • Can be familiar and close to employees
  • Can work well in organizations or teams
  • Able to collect statistical data

Human Resources Officer Cover Letter Sample

To make it clear, you can take a look at our practice sample of the cover letter below. This format may help you a lot in writing your application:

Dear Ms. Turner,

I am writing to apply for a position as an HR officer at your company, Famous Dominic, Inc. The resume that I attach will probably be a big consideration so that you are willing to recruit me to join your company.

I have a bachelor’s degree in human resources. I also have five years of experience working in the resource field so I know how to deal with this job.

Based on the ad that you post, I believe I can meet the qualifications you expect. Some of my supportive skills include my good interpersonal skills, good negotiation skills, understanding HR functions, and being able to communicate orally and in writing.

I have experience with recording, logging, or writing detailed reports. I have also learned well about how to formulate policies appropriately and professionally.

Furthermore, I understand a lot about contracts and other aspects of working with other employees. I also adapt well so that communicating with anyone will not make it difficult for me.

Please contact me at (444)-4433-333 or by email at if you need further information regarding my qualifications in detail.



Angelie Murphy

Enclosure: Resume

No need to worry and start writing your human resources officer cover letter carefully. After that, you can think positively and optimistically that the employer might be interested in your application.



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