Job Description And Housekeeping Room Attendant Cover Letter

Creating an attractive and prominent cover letter will be a plus that can make hiring managers interested in your application. As well as writing a good housekeeping room attendant cover letter, you must pay attention to several important aspects and elements. You have to write a cover letter in the best possible format to produce an excellent and relevant letter. Besides, you also have to pay attention to the most appropriate grammar and diction.

What Are The Qualifications of a Room Attendant?

A Room Attendant must have an honest, kind, pleasant, and polite personality. Because you will have a task that is directly related to customers. Some people who are looking for a job as a Room Attendant will choose it as a part-time job because many vacancies provide it. However, not a few also want to become full-time workers.

Some of the qualifications you must have to become a Room Attendant include:

  • Able to work well as a team member or work independently
  • Can work professionally, quickly, and efficiently
  • Have a courteous and professional attitude
  • Have flexibility in working
  • Able to follow various instructions from the company
  • Can work with supervision

What Are The Responsibilities of a Room Attendant?

As a Room Attendant, there are several responsibilities that you have to do. The following is a series of responsibilities that you must-do if you are applying for a position as a Room Attendant:

  • Can replace shampoo, soap, towels, and other bathroom amenities
  • Can clean carpets well
  • Able to clean floors, including mopping and sweeping it
  • Can make the bed well
  • Can greet guests well and respond to any questions
  • Willing to report if there are certain technical and maintenance needs
  • Can clean up trash

You already know some of the qualifications and responsibilities of a Room Attendant, so you are ready to apply for the position and write a professional housekeeping room attendant cover letter.

Housekeeping Room Attendant Cover Letter Example

Below is an example of a simple cover letter for a Room Attendant. Maybe this format would be suitable for your inspiration:

Dear Ms. Moore,

I would like to apply for a position as Housekeeping Room Attendant at Hotel Grand Maria.

I have all the qualifications you need, including communication and interpersonal skills. I get along easily with other people, I also have a friendly and fun personality. As someone who can solve problems well, I don’t have the slightest difficulty when it comes to dealing with various problems whether working individually or in teams.

I have the ability to work efficiently and effectively. I can do a good job and do all my assignments on time. I can also adapt well to all situations and conditions. I can make sure to be a diligent and energetic worker.

I can arrange the rooms properly and precisely, I can also make sure that all the work gets done properly.

Please contact me at (777)-2222-333 to discuss my qualifications further.



Kelly Murphy

By paying attention to a few aspects and the appropriate elements, you will produce an excellent housekeeping room attendant cover letter. That way, you are likely to be accepted by the hotel you are applying for.


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