5+ Literature Review Sample Template


The Best Way To Use The Literature Review Sample Template


A literature review sample template will make it easier for you to review literacy. Models that are already available will help you to do a study by the basic rules that apply. Besides, doing a useful literature review is also very important.

Why Do You Need Literature Review Sample Templates?

When you have questions regarding the benefits of the literature review sample template, this article helps you to summarize it in the following points:

  • Literature review templates are available for you for free.
  • You can compile good literature by knowing the necessary parts needed
  • Synthesis of sources to highlight patterns, conflicts, themes and gaps you can also do
  • Reviews can help you to show the current status of knowledge

How Do You Use The Literature Review Template Sample?

Doing the current literature review is very important for you. Knowing how to use the literature review sample template will help you, so you need to look at the following steps.

1. Get A Template

Choose a literature review template sample that you think might include your ideas and opinions related to the study. You will find it easily even provided free of charge for you to use.

2. Select Literature

Before you find the right research, you also need the process of gathering some literature and doing an evaluation. A narrowly defined topic will be the object you need.

3. Find a theme

You need to submit meaningful arguments related to a study. The issue will be the main thing, so you can give your judgment. It can be connected to your literature study. It is also famous that you can make a subject for research.

4. Plan a structure for the literature review

To keep your review focused and in line with the theme, a review structure plan is needed. It can include chronological, thematic, methodological, and theoretical. You must include all sections in the idea for a thorough review.

5. Write a review of your literature

You need to make literature with a structured and complete section. The main parts that need to exist include the introduction, main body, and conclusions. Each content of the article will depend on the purpose of the review that you will make.

A literature review sample template can help you to take more decisive steps. At the moment, you only need to download the template. But the best is still how you can adjust it to what you want.





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