A Helpful Guide To Write A Decline Interview Letter

It is a rare thing if someone succeeds in the first step of all opportunities and is invited to the interview stage. Dilemmas occur and should be one choice to prefer. If you are really fascinated by an opportunity, you need to reject another opportunity offered. By informing the company through a decline interview letter, you may be known as someone who keeps professionalism and respect with high skill.


How Do You Politely Decline An Interview?

Several reasons may push you to decline an interview. Thinking about how to politely convey about it is the biggest matter, but do not be confused. Be calm and sure in facing this situation. Consider your exact reasons to ensure you go on in the next step. However, you could not think as long as your arm because your decision is waited by the company. Therefore, respond to this case as quickly as possible. Your personality is valued, and you must show how you respect the offer by being polite.

How Do You Write A Rejection Letter For An Interview?

Your best choice is to write this kind of letter. Writing a rejection letter is stressful but you can handle it if you can think positively. To write a decline interview letter, you can follow these steps below:


Prepare all information needed such as reasons and write down along with supporting statements. Do not be reckless and be sure that your information is acceptable. Remember that you are going to lose your chances.


If you have done the previous step, you can make a draft. While you are drafting, think about selecting words. This letter requires polite words that do not offend anyone in the company. Mind your language before writing anything in your letter.


This is the last step is to check the spelling and grammar of the letter you will send. You can also ask experts to ensure your letter is correct and well made.

The Example Of Decline Interview Letter

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

Thank you for considering Pine Tree State for the position of project manager at the ATC cluster. I had the chance to analyze ATC cluster before causing you my resume. I already browse several positive things regarding your company and that I am particularly affected by the strides of ATC cluster has created within the international marketplace over the last 2 years.

It is with some regret that I have to decline your provide for an associate degree interview. This week, I accepted a foothold with another organization. though I used to be trying forward to meeting you, I feel l should honor the commitment I created to my new leader. I feel it might be unfair to require up your valuable time once I understand that I may not be able to settle for a foothold if offered. Please think about this letter as a private thanks. I appreciate your thought.

I am positive you’ll notice the proper candidate to fill this position. I shall keep your contact info, and hopefully, I will be able to have the prospect to satisfy you for some purposes within the future. I would like you all the most effective in your search efforts.



Talia Green

In conclusion, that is the information about the decline interview letter and its example. We hope this article is helpful for you to prepare your own letter. Create it properly and good luck!



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