Why I Am The Best Candidate For The Job Letter And The Example

A job is very essential in many people’s life. To prove that you are suitable for a certain position, writing why I am the best candidate for the job letter can be a nice one. In applying for a job, it is very useful to convince the boss with your statements. This letter can be one of the considerations to recognize you as a qualified candidate for the company.


What Qualities Make You A Good Candidate?

A company does not recruit unqualified employees. Be wise in recognizing the job offered as a certain job needs certain qualities. Your leadership, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills, analytical skills will be graded by the company. Also,your dependability and a strong work ethic, maturity and a professional attitude and personality will surely become part of aspects that a company must consider.

How Do You Show That You Are A Good Candidate?

If you are a good candidate, you are confident to show your capability. The way you utter your words can be a way to impress the HR for the position applied. Even though you need to use convincing statements, make sure you won’t lie about your life. The boss actually can see whether your saying is a fact or not. To guide you to prove that you are a good candidate, here are two points you must remember:


Underline the specific traits in your personality, your accomplishment, or relevant skills that make you the best candidate for the role do not be vague in stating these things. Please write down and connect appropriately in case you need it.

Be A Master

It is impossible if you are applying for a job, but you do not know the job. Arrange your convincing and honest words to explain the job like the tasks and function.

Job Letter Example


Human Resources

Athletics Communication Services, Inc.

123 Job Lane

Minneapolis, MN, 55401


I am writing to precise my interest in the open Communications Officer position at Athletics Communication Services, Inc. and to elucidate why I feel that I’m the simplest candidate for this job. I even have a few years of expertise and believe that you just are going to be terribly curious about Pine Tree State when you’re taking a better look.

I have eight years of expertise in numerous communications positions, principally with the University of MN, wherever I even have been utilized since 2007. I even have served as each associate degree assistant and full communication skills with the university. Also, I conjointly worked extensively with the institution’s Department of Athletics.

In addition to my expertise in communications, I spent four years as a fundraiser for various non-profit-making establishments. This gave Pine Tree State the possibility to check completely different facets of the communications field and to explore different funding opportunities within the field. This expertise is going to be extraordinarily helpful once human activity with potential investors.

I hope that you are intrigued by my expertise within the communications field. You can reach me out by phone at (888) 888-8888 or via email at marriedonna@gmail.com. I hope to talk with you presently relating to this exciting chance.



Donna Marie

That is all the explanation about why I am the best candidate for the job letter. This letter can be used for many purposes, so feel free to edit it as much as you want. Good luck!



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