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Book Keeper Resume to land a job with no experience 

A resume is one of the important documents in any person’s career that will help them to introduce their quality and capabilities. If you want to be a bookkeeper, this bookkeeper resume will help you to show your qualifications for the recipient about your quality to be a bookkeeper.

You should not worry if you have no experience because this bookkeeper resume idea is available to write for both who have experience and have no experience. Because of that, you only need to understand the way to arrange this template with some ideas to make the recipient understand your template.

The example of a bookkeeper resume

To inspire you to write this resume, you can read the following example that will lead you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties. Here is an example of the resume.

Wesley Catharine

Personal info

Phone: (555)-666-883

Email: catherinewesley213@gmail.com


Self-motivated, full charge AIPB certified bookkeeper with 5+ years of experience. Looking for delivering bookkeeping excellence to Lord Book Inc., which saved $ 3000/ year at Lord Book by fixing a recurring tax filing error. Installed Quickbooks to cut record-keeping time by 40% and reporting cost 25%.


Full Charge Bookkeeper

Lord Book, Inc., New York, March 2018 – present

  • Do all bookkeeping tasks for a mid-sized software development firm. Handled payroll, monthly financial statement, taxes, and A/ R, and A/P
  • Get a recurring error in tax filing procedures and save $ 3000/ year forever
  • Apply Quick books system to cut record-keeping time 40%
  • Communicated with upper management to get a new A/ R system that resulted in 25% less phone time

Freelance Bookkeeper 

BTX Inc., New York, October 2015 – September 2017

  • As a receptionist at Interest helped with regular payroll accounting and assisted with A/ P transaction
  • Helped set up account and payroll for a new 2-person business
  • Consulted for the book on tax deductions for entrepreneurs


Excellent High School of California

2011– 2015

  • Great at mathematics course work
  • Commended by four teachers for attention to detail
  • Passed high school typing with 99% average

Key skills 

  • Handled payroll and accounts payable for a start-up healthcare firm
  • Created Ms. Excel spreadsheet to track expenses and cut reporting cost 25%
  • An installed payroll system that can cut payroll errors by 10%
  • Communicated with C-suite executive and stakeholders to solve recurring problems

How to create a bookkeeper resume

When you want to arrange this bookkeeper resume template, you need to understand the way to arrange it so that it will be impressive to read. Here are some of the ideas that have to be understood for you so that your template will be interesting to read.

  • You have to omit irrelevant details on your template
  • Include only relevant item to the post of a bookkeeper
  • You also need to include the details of how you managed the account of your apartment complex
  • Check out whether the post requires any level of experience or not
  • Highlight your achievement that will be fine as long as it does

How do you describe a bookkeeper on a resume?

If you want to arrange a bookkeeper resume template idea, you also need to describe the best arrangement that will be easily understood. You also need to follow some ideas below that will make you be the best candidate to apply for this job position.

1) Your template has to match the job you are applying

2) You need to look at the requirement including the detailed information that should be arranged

3) If you want to be a high-level post, your resume should have details of your experience

4) Remember to exposure to taxation and costing because it will be advantageous

What is Bookkeeping skills?

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the skills that have to be arranged on your template. In this idea, the skills will make your template impressive and easy to understand. To know about this idea, you can see some of the skills on the following below:

1) Attention to detail because accuracy is the key

2) Computer skills including preparing and producing spreadsheet and using bookkeeping software

3) Confidentially including financial documents

4) Math including adding, subtracting, and basic arithmetic

The kinds of bookkeeper resume

To facilitate your writing this resume, you will find some bookkeeper resume design ideas that will help you to apply for your target position as a bookkeeper. Here are some of the types to know.

Entry-level bookkeeper resume template 

This resume is useful because it can be used for accounting professional that will gain a foothold in the employment market at the entry-level. This resume is simple to use so that you can arrange it suitable for your need. You only need to fill up your personal and educational details.

Assistant bookkeeper resume 

The type of this resume is nice because it will apply to the post of an assistant bookkeeper. The template also has a certain level of experience field. You need to pay attention to the skills and experience so that the resume will be impressive to read.

Certified bookkeeper resume template

This resume is designed for people that have a good deal of experience. This template also will help you to highlight your achievement by including brief summaries of the assignments that you had done before. Pay attention to the experience that is relevant to the job description.

General bookkeeper resume 

This general resume is useful for you who want to apply for general accounting jobs. This template is not an exhaustive template with the content fitting in about two pages.

Accounting bookkeeper resume template 

This resume will be useful for a candidate wishing to pursue a career in accountancy, office management, marketing, and so forth. This resume also will highlight the educational qualifications as well as the relevant work experience of the candidate.

Because of that, you have to pay attention to this bookkeeper resume. It is not difficult if you understand the basic information about the resume. You have to include the skills and experience to make the recipient understand your qualities and capabilities.

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