6+ Weekly Timesheet Template


Free Download Weekly Timesheet Template Sample

Besides using the software, downloading a weekly timesheet template sample would help you to make a timesheet. It will save you hours of work while you can fill it manually. On the other hand, the sheets are free so you do not need to pay for anything.

Why You Need Weekly Timesheet Template

As we have mentioned earlier, using the weekly timesheet template sample will save you hours of work in the first place. Some company prefers to use certain software so the timesheet will automatically show up.

Meanwhile, if you are not into software but you still need a timesheet, we highly recommend you to download our templates. Timesheets are used when it comes to taking care of payroll on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The options are varied after all.

Daily timesheet template

Daily timesheet template might work and be needed when you need your employees to work on an event outside the regular working days or hours. You can even ask your employees to make the report by using this template so you can track their work hours.

Weekly timesheet template

If you need to track and calculate your employees time worked, wages, and paid time off every week, this template would work great for you. You can either calculate it manually or use Excel so you just need to insert the number and formula.

Spreadsheet and Excel formats are available to customize.

Bi-weekly timesheet template

As its name suggests, the template helps you to calculate the work hours and wages every two weeks. It also means that you should complete the template for every two weeks each employee. Feel free to use the spreadsheet in Excel for easier input process.

Monthly timesheet template

This format will ease your work to calculate the wages monthly. Besides downloadable, the templates are customizable as well. The template allows you to enter the hours daily and you get the total amount of hours at the end of the table.


Tracking the work time of your employees is important especially if you just started your business. Using paper timesheets is common and allowed. In this case, you better find the template you like and download it.

However, the PDF format is kind of tricky to edit considering the format from one program to another might be varied. In this case, we recommend you to download the weekly timesheet template sample with Excel format.

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