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How to Make Water Bottle Label Template


A professional mineral water company has its particular design for the bottle label. With the intent of widespread distribution, it should have a reliable and attractive design.

The production of a water bottle label template includes several considerations a company can choose. Below are a few steps to do.

Steps to Make Water Bottle Label

  1. Design The Logo

The logo is very crucial in branding. People see the logo as the representation of a company. Thus, you need to design the logo first. It will require a combination of pattern that shows the image and the vision of the product.

For example, if the water bottle focuses on mineral water from nature, a blue and green color will represent it. Add some pictorial from nature scene like a mountain, river, or a drop of water.

  1. Create The Layout

Aside from having the company represented, the template should have a clear and concise layout. It should emphasize the value of the water as well as showing the brand. The design of the label usually has the logo, back scenery, PET number, ingredients (if it contains a lot of minerals), expiration date, production date, and the company that produces it.

A creative and appealing label has a specific short message in it to attract the customers. For example, you can insert a punch line about the water’s freshness, or an encouragement to dispose of the bottle safely.

  1. Choose The Material

After done with the design, it is time to choose the material. Most plastic water cup labels use plastic as the material. It is durable and easy to be the media for printing the design. There are some designs where it has a mix of a hologram or paper with the plastic.

The plastic label and its bottle must encourage people to recycle it. By adding a recyclable logo, people will not throw the plastic away without thinking about the natural consequence.

  1. Adjust The Form

Most labels are circular due to the shape of the bottle that often has a cylinder shape. For attractiveness, sometimes a water bottle has curves or waves in the design. You can accommodate this by adjusting the form of the label to follow the curve of the cups. Utilize a pressing machine, and it will stick well to the bottle.

Even though it seems like a trivial matter, how a company puts the label on the bottle’s surface is essential. It creates a neat and compact design. People will likely buy a water bottle that has a convincing name on it.

  1. Use The Help of A Machine

The last step is to print the design onto the material. Sealing the label onto the plastic needs a delicate process. Hence, for a fast and neat result, use the help of a machine. A machine will automatically stick the label to the bottle.

This machine is the standard to seal most products, especially one that uses plastic as the element of the packaging.

Addition to Label Making

The steps above, particularly the design part, need a professional touch to create a professional look. Consider hiring a branding designer to design the logo and the layout of the label. Finally, the company can represent their product well after having its own water bottle label template.


Water Bottle Label Design Ideas

Water Bottle Label Ideas




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