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Get Your Show Sold Out Quickly with These 4 Creative Ways to Create Concert Ticket Template


Do you like holding a concert? If you belong to a promoter or event organizer, a music show is one of the familiar events you usually handle. Musical performance varies from classical, local, to international hot stars.

If you need a lot of concertgoers to come to the event, you will need to attract them with the most appealing concert ticket. Here is how to create one.

How to Make Appealing Ticket Concert

  1. Be Concise with Your Message

Ticket concerts are not supposed to be a message card. It usually has a long and slim form anyone can put in their pocket or wallet. If you put a wordy message on it, most people will not bat an eye to read the description, unless they are hardcore fans of the performer.

Thus, be concise with the message on the card. Only write the essential text such as the performer’s name, the day and date, and the ticket’s class (if there is any). This method proves to be more useful to appeal to customers.

  1. Choose Vibrant Colors

The colors of the ticket may commonly follow the theme of the concert. However, usually, a vibrant paper is more eye-catching. Especially if you are going to promote it in a public area, followed by a poster with the same design, people will stop at the color and notice your announcement.

Some vibrant colors you can choose are shocking pink, neon green, electric blue, and sun yellow. Apply those shades to your concert ticket template.

  1. Set An Appropriate Size

Concert tickets can come in many forms, but the more convenient the size, the easier it will be for concertgoers to keep it. It needs to be not too small but not too big. If it is too small, people risk losing it; if it is too broad and jumbo, people will not like carrying it around.

The appropriate size usually ranges with width 7-15 cm and length 15-20 cm. Surely this is not the standard; you can adjust it as long as it is pocket-friendly.

  1. Differentiate Between Each Class

In a musical show, there is a different spread of seats. Some people are willing to pay for a higher price to get the front seat while others prefer to sit in the back. Giving variation according to the class’s ticket can help both the attendees and the ticket person how to get to their seats or areas.

The class often consists of VIP, seated area, and standing area. The nearer the seat from the performer, the more expensive the ticket should be. Differentiate by using various colors or symbols on the pass.


Distributing tickets in high numbers need high-quality paper. Consider choosing a trusted printing company. Moreover, please do not go over the budget and calculate it wisely. Those passes should look valid for the price. You can give a section where the ticket person can rip it after the attendees go into the concert hall.

After all the consideration, you can print out all the passes. Try those steps above for a more attractive concert passes.

Concert Ticket Ideas

Concert Ticket Example




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