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Simple Teacher Resume to get a job as a teacher 

If you are writing a resume, you need to pay attention to the detailed information on the resume because it will be helpful to review examples of resumes that are related to your occupation. When you are interested in a teacher, you can select the proper simple teacher resume that will lead you to arrange the proper resume.

Your simple teacher resume idea needs to reflect the latest trends in resumes for your field. In this idea, you can include the format as well as what you select to include and how you can include it. Because of that, you have to write this resume properly to make it impressive to read.

The example of a simple teacher resume template 

This example will facilitate you to write a proper template without any difficulties. The sample also will guide you to make it great and easy so that you need to understand the following sample.

Lisa Koln

Personal info

Phone: (777)-777-7728

Email: kolnlisa612@gmail.com


A creative and patient teacher with 5 years of experience. Great communication skills and bold approach to creating effective lesson plans in tune with district and federal curricula. 90% satisfaction rate from both parents and students and looking for leverage skills to contribute to high-quality secondary teaching at Cheerful Elementary school.


Substitute Teacher

Greenhouse Elementary school, January 2019 – present

  • Provide effective classroom management and clear instruction often at a moment’s notice
  • Established respectful and inclusive classroom environments to help students learn and grow
  • Communicated with parents and other teachers on students’ progress in a supportive and engaging way
  • Graded 100% of all quizzes assigned by a long-term teacher

Second-grade teacher

Cheerful elementary school, June 2017 – December 2018

  • Subbed a total of 70 days in a single year
  • Improve the class management and inclusive class environment
  • Managed the classroom and the children to prepare their study


B.A. in Education, University of Texas


  • writing skills and public speaking
  • Ability to work under pressure and conflict resolution
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Organizational skills and facilitating active learning
  • Patience and time management skills


  • English
  • French

How to create a simple teacher resume

You will find that this simple teacher resume design has many types that will make your template impressive. Moreover, you also need to consider providing the following elements that will make your template impressive to read. Here are some ideas to include on your resume.

How do I write a simple teaching resume?

When you want to write this simple teacher resume format, you can follow some ideas below to make it impressive. Here are some ideas to follow:

1) Highlight your education and credentials

2) Include all of your relevant teaching experience

3) Showcase your skills and include your most relevant teaching skills

4) List accomplishment not the duties

What should you write a resume for a teacher with no experience?

Moreover, if you are a beginner and have no experience before, you can follow some ideas below to make your resume impressive to read.

1) Apply the best format for your new teacher resume because it is a beginning teacher entering the teaching profession directly from college

2) Write a new teacher resume objective and you can introduce yourself through your resume profile

3) Create the perfect new teacher resume job description and make it plain and simple

4) Remember to make your new teacher resume education section shine

Kinds of a simple teacher resume           

Furthermore, you will find many types of this simple teacher resume design idea that will make your template impressive. Type of this resume will be useful for you to apply for a job suitable to your need. Here are some types of the resume to follow.

Elementary simple teacher resume

This resume is great and useful for those who are applying for elementary school. The resume list down your teaching experience using bullets and it will quantify your work experience very well. The resume also applies a chronological template that shows the type of arrangement on a teacher’s resume as well.

High school simple teacher resume

The type of this resume ensures to indicate the relevant certification other than the educational attainment. The resume also takes a look at the business analyst resume template on the website that shows how the certifications of the applicant are presented.

Example simple teacher resume

This resume applies the chronological resume format. It is more preferable for the teachers to follow a chronological resume format because it usually features the listing of the institutions that you have worked with. This resume will strengthen your capabilities and skills very well.

Assistant simple teacher resume

The resume states a career objective instead of an introduction. This resume shows the career summaries on the executive resume template that is not ideal for the teacher. The resume uses a career objective and it will present what you can offer to the institution you are applying for.

Experienced teacher resume sample 

Since this resume is an experienced resume, it will list down the teaching experience. It is similar to what is shown on the librarian resume template because it provides his experience. This resume also must present credible teaching experience to back up your educational background as well.

With those ideas, your simple teacher resume will be great to read. One of the important ideas to apply on your resume is that you have to show your teaching philosophies on your resume. This idea will determine how your principles align with the core values of the academic institution you want to be associated with.

Simple Teacher Resume


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