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Free Customizable Sample Sales Associate Resume Template

A sales associate is one of the most popular jobs. If you have good skills in marketing, you can get this job. However, you need to write a good resume first. For your reference and guidance, you can pay attention to the following sample sales associate resume.

Sample of Sales Associate Resume

Below is a sales associate resume sample that will inspire and guide you:

Manuel Franky

123 East Speedway Boulevard, Tuscon, AZ 55292



a sales associate with 6 years experience in the retail environment. Recognized for ability to communicate with customers, providing the best service that ensures client retention & positive feedback. Proven ability to improve sales through upselling techniques and implementing processes which drive profitability.

Professional Experience

BDC Group, Tuscon, AZ

Sales Associate, August 2018 – present

  • Helped a daily average of 50 customers in finding & selecting items, and also provided recommendations which generated 10,000 dollars in additional revenue
  • Provide great customer service, receiving 95% in customer feedback surveys
  • Manage proper & attractive merchandise display, ensuring products’ strategic placement that maximized purchases
  • Achieve an average of 150% of sales goals for 3 consecutive months
  • Stock, replenish, & organize inventory with efficiency & accuracy, completing function 15% faster than avg. associate

XYZ Company, Phoenix, AZ

Sales Associate, March 2015 – June 2018

  • Assisted an avg. of 45 customers a day by responding to inquiries & finding products
  • Helped members of the team when needed in handling the cash register, organizing inventory room, cleaning up, unloading merchandise, and labeling products
  • Recommended better display of merchandise to management, implemented & resulted in 40% increased sales
  • Aided French-speaking customers, increasing repeat & loyal customers by 35%


123 Community College, Phoenix, AZ

Associate of Arts in Humanity, May 2015

  • Vice President of Women’s Forum
  • Student Activities Management’s member

Additional Skills

  • Social media
  • Office
  • Retail software
  • Bilingual in French & English

How to Write a Sales Associate Resume

You need to do a few steps for writing a sales associate resume properly:

  1. First of all, you have to start with your contact information details.
  2. Second of all, you need to write a resume summary.
  3. Third of all, your professional experience should be highlighted.
  4. After that, what you must include on a resume is your education.
  5. Then, don’t forget to include a few additional skills!

People also ask

What Skills Do a Sales Associate Have?

A sales associate should have a few key skills. One of them is customer service best practice. Besides that, inventory management is also required to be a sales associate. In addition, a commission-based sales technique also belongs to the needed skills. Another most important skill is visual merchandising.

What Is the Job Description of a Retails Sales Associate?

A retails sales associate serves customers by assisting them to choose products. He/she also drives sales through the engagement of customers, sharing product knowledge, & suggestive selling. Besides, greeting & receiving customers in a polite manner & responding to customers’ questions are also his/her duties.

How Do You Make Your Sales Associate Resume Stand Out?

Your resume will stand out from the competition if you include your key skills in it. Your resume should be unique. However, you have to keep honest in providing information. If you have no idea how to write it properly, you can use this sales associate resume template. It will inspire and guide you.

Sales Associate Resume with No Work Experience

Impressing a hiring employer with a resume while you don’t have any experience is a difficult task. However, you don’t need to worry because we provide you this resume. If you are interested in a sales associate job position, you can use this resume to make your potential employer impressed.

Sales Associate Resume Template Word

Writing a resume with an editable template makes your task much easier. You don’t need to spend time looking for an editable template of a resume for a sales associate. This one can be a good option for you. You can easily edit this resume template based on your own qualifications to fit your needs.

Sales Associate Resume for College

This resume can be used by anyone including college students. For you, college students, who want to apply for sales associates, this resume will be useful and helpful. This resume is also appropriate for fresh graduates and experienced workers. Anyway, just feel free to use this resume when needed.

Resume for Sales Associate First Job

Getting a first job is very challenging, especially when it comes to a sales associate. This sample can be the reference for you to write a strong resume. For your first job, you just need to focus on your education. Emphasizing your key skills is also very important. Any unpaid work can also be included.

Sales Associate Resume Sample

Writing a resume for a sales associate should be done carefully. If you have never written such a resume, using this sample can be a good idea. This resume sample uses a professional format, good grammar, & correct spelling. Therefore, your resume has to follow this sample.

Sales Associate Resume Example

If you have no idea how to write a resume, this example will inspire you. This resume example is very simple & flexible. It can be read & understood easily. This resume can also be customized. So, you will have to match this resume example to the job posting.

Free Sales Associate Resume Template

Looking for a free resume template for a sales associate? This one is just for you. This resume template is 100% free to use. Even though this resume is designed for a sales associate, you can use it for any other job position. You just need to make it matched with the job you want to apply for.

After paying attention to the sample sales associate resume and tips above, you have to practice writing your own resume now. Make sure that you follow a proper format. The length of the resume can be one or more pages. It depends on the information you will provide, especially your work experience.



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