Guide To Make Sales Resignation Letter

Working on a sales part usually make us down into thinking of looking for a different job, or maybe go back to continue the unfinished education or another personal reason for quitting the job. In this situation, you truly in a position where you can prove your professionalism as a good employee where you maintain your courtesy. To get a better understanding, we have provided a sales resignation letter and its example.


Why Is It Important To Address The Letter Before Quitting?

It is very crucial when you quitting your job without notifying your employer, especially when you do not really know better your employer. On the other hand, if you, for instance, knowing your employer better or it is your old friends or relatives this resignation letter may be optional but you had to tell your resignation face-to-face. But to keep your image, you may quit gracefully by hand in the letter to your employer.

Guide To Write A Sales Resignation Letter

There are few main aspects that you must include in the letter. These things are:

Formal Language

Prove your graciousness in quitting your job, address the letter with proper language and grammar. This way also to prove your professionalism as a good employee who respects the employer and company

State The Reason

It is pretty clear that if you want to resign from your job, you have to tell your reason. You can state your reason if it is possible, and try to engage your employer to make your employer understand your desire.


Express your personal feeling in a good way to the employer and company. Show your thanks for the experiences you had and the lessons you get from this job.

How To Write A Sales Resignation Letter?

Write at least three paragraphs that truly shows your consciousness about quitting your job. Include any important information that may be needed by the company, pay attention to the grammar used, then close the letter with a sincere expression of gratitude toward your employer and company or any other co-workers in the team.

An Example Of A Sales Resignation Letter

Dear Ms. Pinto,

I would like to let you know that I am resigning from my sales position at JD Company. I have considered taking my condition in a different way and that the decision I made is the best for both myself and the company. The last effective day of my work will be on March 16, 2012, then please accept this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation. I truly appreciate your effort and patience who guide me since my beginning in the company.

I will certainly put my best effort into the last two weeks I have in the company and it also minimizes any inconvenience to JD Company. I would happy to take responsibility if there is any replacement training or selection candidate for my position. If you need any further information or discussion I would happy to receive the notification at may contact (123)-123-1234 or and I look forward to your message.

I truly enjoyed the work environment at JD Company, and of course, will miss everyone there. I appreciate all the lessons I had, and I am grateful for the great job that I had in the company. I wish the best for JD Company and success in the future. Thank you for the understanding regarding this decision I made.

Yours sincerely,

Chelsea D. Barlage

In conclusion, we hope this information can be your reference in writing your own sales resignation letter. Good luck!


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