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Receptionist Resume to land a job with no Experience 

The receptionist is one of the important positions in the company because it is among the junior or employees of the company, organizations, and private businesses. Therefore, if you want to be a receptionist, you need to write a receptionist resume that will make your employers impressive to read your capabilities.

Since this position is important because they are the first face customers and visitors meet before seeing anyone else, you need to arrange this receptionist resume idea properly. In this idea, you also need to have a good resume if you can capture the attention of the reader so that you will be the proper candidate to select.

The example of a receptionist resume

To guide you in writing this resume, you can follow the following sample idea that will make your resume easy to read and effective to understand. Here is the example of the resume:

Anne Clark

Personal Info

Phone: (777)-883-6628

Email: clarkanne422@gmail.com


Customer service-oriented, self-motivated, energetic, and caring receptionist with extensive experience in resolving conflicts with customers. Through and attentive to detail in all professional matters. Expert in medical record-keeping software as well as Microsoft Office.



Fresh Medical Care, New York, June 2018 – present

  • Successfully managed information using Athena clinical software including sign-in, patient records, orders, and billing with 100% accuracy
  • Handled incoming and outgoing telephone calls with an overall customer satisfaction score of over 95%
  • Greeted patients, signed them in, and directed them to their destination
  • Pick up and sort daily incoming correspondence and deliver sorted mail to address

Front Desk Receptionist

Burger Crown, New York, April 2015 – April 2017

  • Greeted walk-in customer, insurance adjusters, and tow truck customers when fielding calls from outside sources including vendors and customers
  • Prepared food and drink orders properly
  • Accurately and according to exacting standards
  • Calculated bills for services rendered and collected and processed customer payments


Business administration and management

Oxford University, 2010 – 2014

Key skills 

  • Microsoft Office
  • Typing 80 WPM
  • Accounting and information management
  • Communication and professionalism
  • Efficiency and conflict resolution
  • Business writing


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

How to create a receptionist resume

When you want to write this resume, you need to pay attention to the way you arrange this resume. In this idea, your receptionist resume format should be simple but it should be relevant to your job description. With this idea, your resume will be great. You can follow some ideas below to make it great.

  • Include the contact information on your resume
  • Write your resume summary underneath your name and position
  • Remember to include the achievement for a receptionist resume
  • Write your experience and the relevant skills to ensure the manager

What makes a good receptionist?

If you want to be a good receptionist, you need to arrange the best receptionist resume design format. In this idea, you need to emphasize your communication skills. You cannot be a receptionist if you do not know how to say anything to people. As a receptionist, you will be the first person a customer or visitor will meet.

Besides, you also will meet different people so that you will talk to different people every day. You have to talk to people of all kinds including those who do not understand office etiquette. You have to be a warm person as a receptionist.

How to make a good receptionist resume?

Furthermore, you also can arrange a good receptionist resume when you can understand the function of this resume. Here are some ideas that will help you to make a good resume without any difficulties.

  • Apply an easy to understand language on your resume
  • You must never use technical terms when writing your resume because it will confuse the reads
  • Write your resume plainly to make it easier to understand
  • Make the document simple to read

Kinds of a receptionist resume

Moreover, to make it easier writing this receptionist resume format design, you will have many types to follow that will guide you in writing this resume. With this idea, a reader should not have a difficult time finding out what you do for a living. Here are some of the types to know before you writing this resume.

Medical receptionist resume 

This resume is impressive if you want to be a medical receptionist. This resume has an impressive design that will facilitate the reader’s understanding of your resume. This resume emphasizes your skills relevant to this job position and also the medical environment so that you need to include it on the resume.

Front desk medical receptionist resume 

The resume is similar to the previous one. Moreover, this resume emphasizes communication skills. The healthcare communities usually require that you can write a resume and use it for job seeking. Because of that, you have to include the relevant experience in this resume properly.

Veterinary receptionist resume

The type of this resume is simple and you can make this resume your own business. This resume will focus on your experience and also relevant skills. Your education also will be important to include so that you have to pay attention to those ideas to make this resume impressive to read.

Hotel receptionist resume

A big hotel commonly will look for a disciplined and hardworking receptionist. In this resume, you need to include both skills to ensure the manager about your quality. You also can use this resume template to share your experience with a potential employer easily.

Salon receptionist resume

This resume focuses on your experience relevant to the salon job description. The skills that have to be included in your resume are relating to hair and beauty or other cosmetics to beautify people. Therefore, if you have education in this relevant job, it will ensure the readers about your quality.

With those ideas, your receptionist resume will be impressive to read. You only need to pay attention to the skills and also experience that are relevant to the job position. You also need to make your resume getting simple so that people will be easier to read your resume without any difficulties.


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