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How to Create a Strong Infantryman Resume (with Example)

If you are interested in an infantryman job position, it is very important to know how to write a strong infantryman resume properly. There are a few important things you will need to consider. In this article, we will provide you a good example and some useful tips.

Sample of Infantryman Resume

For your reference, let’s pay attention to the following infantryman resume example:

Vincent Peter

123 Main Street, Fort Benning, GA



Professional Summary

Highly seasoned & focused Infantryman with an excellent record of military success. Great physical & mental toughness for handling changing situations with good amazing reaction time & adaptability. Exceptional knowledge of combat weaponry operation & maintenance and also installation & neutralization procedures for different explosive devices.

Core Qualifications

  • Awesome physical stamina for needed strenuous activity
  • High ability to follow instructions in written & orally
  • Superior abilities of terrain evaluation
  • Good handling fluid high-stress situations skills
  • Excellent ability to conduct reconnaissance operations
  • Great skills in critical thinking & problem solving
  • Great expertise in operating & maintaining weapons
  • Wide experience in different military operational procedures


Infantryman, June 2016 – present

JJ Company – Fort Benning, GA

  • Located & neutralized IEDs mines & other explosive devices
  • Unheld basic military operations & safety protocols in all tasks performed
  • Cleaned & ensured storage of machine gun rifles anti-tank mines & other assorted combat weaponry
  • Operated & maintained different weapons equipment vehicles & systems
  • Inspected field communications equipment for defects & reported same promptly to superior officers
  • Conducted weapons placement after potential battle terrain evaluation


ABC Group, Inc., March 2011 – April 2016

ABC Group Basic Training Camp – Fort Benning GA

How to Write an Infantryman Resume

The first step to write a strong Infantryman resume can be done with the following step by step:

  1. First of all, you will have to start a resume with your contact information details!
  2. Second of all, you should write a professional summary!
  3. Third of all, you will need to include your core qualifications!
  4. For the next step, you are required to highlight your work experience.
  5. After that, the next step you have to do is to add your educational background.

People also ask

What Are the Duties of an Infantryman?

An infantryman serves in the field. He/she works to defend a country against any threats on the ground. An infantryman also captures, destroys, & deters enemy forces, helps in reconnaissance, and also helps mobilize troops & weaponry to support the mission as the ground combat force.

How Do You Put Military Experience on a Resume?

There are a few ways how to put military experience on your resume. You can include it in your summary statement, work experience section, awards/achievements section, or certifications/skills section. Besides that, it is also a good idea to get a second opinion.

How Do You Explain Infantry?

You can say that infantry is a trained, armed, & equipped soldier to fight on foot. An infantryman also means a branch of any army composed of these soldiers. In addition, an infantryman can also be defined as an infantry division or regiment.

Is Infantryman Training Hard?

The infantry means a physically demanding career field. This is the mainland combat force & backbone of the Army. For your information, infantry training teaches leadership & hard work in Soldiers.

How Long Is Basic Infantry Training?

The basic combat training for all military occupational specialties in the Army will last 10 weeks. Then, infantry & Armor OSUT will last from 14 weeks to 16 weeks. It depends on the MOS of your soldier.

Infantryman Resume with No Work Experience

Experience is usually not required for an infantryman. So, including work experience on your infantryman resume template is not a must. If you don’t know how to write a strong resume, you can use this sample.

Infantryman Resume Template Word

Writing a resume is challenging enough. To ease your task, you may need an editable resume template. Available in Word, this resume template can be edited easily. You can add any other section if required. Make sure that all the information provided is based on your qualifications!

Infantryman Resume for College

This resume is appropriate for a fresh graduate who wants to apply for an infantryman. However, this can also be used by an undergraduate college student. If you are still studying at a college and you want to get experience as an infantryman, this resume will help you a lot.

Resume for Infantryman First Job

Getting a first job is always difficult, especially when it comes to an infantryman. That is why we provide a sample of a resume designed for an infantryman. This resume will help you get your first job as an infantryman. You may focus on your education and skills or include any unpaid work experience.

Infantryman Resume Sample

This infantry resume sample can be your reference in writing a strong resume properly. This resume sample uses a professional format, good grammar, & correct spelling. This resume is also written & reviewed by a professional writer.

Infantryman Resume Example

If you have never written a resume for an infantryman before, you can pay attention to & follow this example. This resume example is simple & flexible so that you can easily read it and edit it to fit your needs. Anyway, make sure that your own resume follows its format & structure!

Free Infantryman Resume Template

Now, you don’t need to spend time looking for a free resume template because this one can be your option. This free resume template can be used for an infantryman or any other job position. You just need to match this resume to the job posting.

After paying attention to the sample and guidelines above, it is your turn to create your own resume. An infantryman resume should have a few sections containing important keywords & information. This sample will inspire and guide you on how to format & structure a convincing & impressive resume.


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