Human Resources Director Cover Letter Example, And Skills Required

A brilliant career always starts from the bottom. In writing your cover letter as director of human resources, you must also include the important elements. Several things that you need to discuss such as your skills, qualifications, and experiences in similar fields. Make the best format for your human resources director cover letter so that the employer is willing to consider your application. Sometimes giving a recommendation letter will be a plus.

What Are The Duties of the HR Director?

An HR director has a big responsibility in running the company. As a team in human resources, of course, an HR director is closely related to company employees. Some of the tasks performed by this position include:

  • Recruit and conduct interviews with new employees
  • Supervise employee training
  • Taking care of employee benefits and salaries
  • Take care of all the problems faced by employees
  • Know the applicable labor laws
  • Planning in managing departments

By knowing some of the duties above, you must have an idea of what needs to be written in your human resources director cover letter. After that, you also need to know what qualifications are required in the position of HR director.

What Skills Are Needed To Be An HR Director?

Besides knowing the responsibilities, knowing the HR director’s skills will open up opportunities for you to be better at writing a cover letter. An HR director must be equipped with several skills, including:

  • Interpersonal skills such as interacting with many people.
  • Ability to communicate in public, including conveying policies.
  • Ability to work together within the organization or team.
  • Good leadership skills, especially when employees ask a few questions.

Human Resources Director Cover Letter Sample

We provide you a practice sample for a cover letter that can be your inspiration. Here is the format:

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I am writing to express my interest in applying for a position as HR director at your company, Great Corporation, Inc. I have attached my resume which will allow you to see that I have the qualifications you need.

I am familiar with job positions in the field of human resources, as well as my experience and skills so far. I’ve been a member of the resources team for seven years in Texas, and I’ve been familiar with a variety of administrative positions or anything on the team.

I know how to deal with job details precisely and accurately, including scheduling and making reports. I am proficient in operating computers and know a lot about software systems.

Besides being experienced in the HR field, I also have supporting skills such as fluent communication skills, being able to work on projects on time, being able to analyze and collect data well. I am sure that my qualifications will be a valuable asset to the company.

Please contact me at (444)-4422-222 if you need more detailed information about my application.



Lea Ginger

Enclosure: Resume

A great experience and amazing qualifications will be a plus to write your application. Hence, you should not forget to include them in your human resources director cover letter.


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