Condolence Letter And Its Example You Can Use

When your best friends or other acquaintances suffer the loss of a loved one, it is the time for you to hearten them. There are multiple ways to communicate condolences can be formed in a heartfelt and thoughtful condolence letter. Expressing condolences challenges you because it never seems enough even though you have arranged emollient words into your letter. However, this at least lets them know about your care and helps in one of the hardest times they have experienced.


What Do You Say In A Condolence Letter?

Your condolence letter means a lot to your friends. This letter is not about what kind of words you use to console but what points you put into a piece of paper. The first thing to say is about your condolence to the grieving people or family. You can use expressions of condolence to shorten your sympathy message. It also seems good if you can mention what relationship you have with the deceased. The second one is appreciation or admiration especially if you know well the deceased. Do not forget to offer some help and the more specific you offer, the better. Once, if you could not attend the funeral, let the grieving family know.

How Do You Write A Condolence Letter?

Expressing condolences is challenging and daunting.  You are trying to help the grieving one, but you are worried your words will hurt the feeling. To avoid a crash, here are some points you can think of:


Before sending it, you must be genuine and sincere while the ink is filling your paper. Your words represent how big your sympathy towards the people.


Do not mention the deceased by the entire name because it may hurt the feeling of family. Be specific and restrained but simple and concise.


At the beginning of the letter, it has something in common with others, that is the salutation. In the body you can begin the first paragraph by expressing your sorrow, the second by talking briefly about your relationship, and close by writing your hopes.

The Example Of A Condolence Letter

Dear Maurie,

I was shocked and clam up to hear the death of your sister, Joanna. I do know you were near to him and thought of him as ‘your twin’. I imagine your grief might be overwhelming. Please recognize that I am here for you.

Joanna was solicitous and generous, and his devotion to family and church was highly regarded. Whenever I needed some bits of help on an occasion, I knew I may forever figure Joanna. I have conjointly seen Joanna’s best qualities in you, as you’ll conjointly quit of your thanks to facilitating others.

I will treasure the reminiscences I even have of Joanna. I keep in mind meeting Joanna for the primary time at a banquet you hosted. His jokes created everybody laugh, and his smile lit up the area.

Next week is busy for you. I will drive Brett and Braden to and from college for you. I do know my youngsters would like to have them keep and play once college on a weekday if that works for you.

I want you in peace, and I am here to support you throughout this troublesome time.


With love,



At last, we hope this article is very helpful for you to create your condolence letter. Feel free to add or remove unnecessary points. Good luck!


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