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Babysitter Resume Template to Start Your Career

If you love caring baby and children, you may be interested in babysitting job. Even though this job is easy to fulfill, you still need to write a good resume. To make the hiring employer impressed, you can pay attention to and use the following babysitter resume template.

Sample of Babysitter Resume

For your reference, you can see a babysitter resume sample below:

Victoria Clark


10 Winfield Drive, Charleston, SC 55292


Resume Objective

Responsible babysitter with experienced caring for babies & children during evenings, weekends, winter, and summer breaks. Skilled in making fun, engaging, & educational activities, while demonstrating priority in children’s well-being & safety. Trusted by parents, with mutual loving affection for all cared babies & children.

Professional Experience

The JJ Family, Kansas City, MO

Babysitter, August 2016 – present

  • Cared for children aged 3 to 8 during parents’ absence in the evenings
  • Made innovative & educational games improving children’s speech impediment
  • Ensured children were fed, bathed, & in bed prior parents’ return
  • Played it babies & children as well as read stories, requested by them every evening
  • Assisted children with school homework and other activities
  • Cleaned & organized house whenever needed, minimizing parents’ clean up times

The ABC Family, Kansas City, MO

Babysitter, September 2011 – June 2016

  • Coordinated play dates with other families following parent approved list
  • Prepared snacks & lunch, taking more attention to nutritional food values, & turning around children’s previous dislike for tomatoes
  • Made interesting & home learning activities, and arts & crafts
  • Took children to parks & playgrounds, and taught them to swim
  • Looked after children during weekends, summer, & winter breaks


University of Charleston, Charleston, SC

Expected Graduation 2021

  • Varsity Swim Team Captain
  • Winner of 2019 & 2020 High School Girls State Championships

Additional Skills

  • Emergency First Aid Kits
  • Certified Lifeguard with CPR Certification
  • MO Intermediate License
  • Diaper Change & Potty Training

How to Write a Babysitter Resume

There are a few steps in writing a babysitter resume:

  1. First of all, your resume should be started with your contact information.
  2. Second of all, you have to write your resume objective simply.
  3. Third of all, you are required to highlight your professional experience including your duties.
  4. After that, your education should be added on your resume.
  5. Last but not least, it is very important to include your additional skills.

People also ask

What Does a Babysitter Do?

A babysitter manages & oversees children’s activities in parents’ absence. She also designs creative games & activities to keep children engaged. She prepares meals to ensure children eat on time, too. Maintaining a safe & healthy environment for children also belongs to her duties.

What Skills Does a Babysitter Need?

To be a babysitter, you will need a few key skills including confidence, creative skills, self reliance, time management & scheduling, multitasking, communication & relationship building, problem-solving, and patience.

How Can I Introduce Myself as a Babysitter?

In front of children you will care for, you should introduce yourself. Then, you have to ask them questions about their age, their hobbies, etc. If there is a child who is nervous or shy when meeting you, do not take it personally! You must stay calm & be patient.

How Can I Promote Myself as a Babysitter?

There are many ways to promote yourself as a babysitter. You may use word of mouth & referrals. You can also post ads online, connect through Facebook, make babysitting flyers, create a web or babysitting blog, use newspaper ad, etc. Writing an impressive babysitting resume will also be a good way.

Babysitter Resume with No Work Experience

An employer will certainly prioritize a candidate with long experience. However, you can still impress your potential employer even you have no work experience at all. What you need to do is just to focus on your education & skills instead of work experience section.

Babysitter Resume Template Word

Writing a resume will be much easier if you use this resume template Word. Available in Word, this resume template can be edited easily. So, you can write your own resume quickly and effortlessly. Therefore, just feel free to use this resume template!

Babysitter Resume for College

This babysitting resume template can be used by anyone including college students. While studying at a college, you can work part time as a babysitter. However, this is also appropriate for a fresh graduate or even an experienced person who is interested in babysitting jobs.

Resume for Babysitter First Job

This resume is designed for you who want to apply for a babysitter. This is recommended for you who are looking for work experience as a babysitter. If you love children and are passionate in caring children, this resume will help you a lot in getting your desired job.

Babysitter Resume Sample

You can find a sample of resume for a babysitter on the internet easily. This sample can be your option because it is written by a professional with a formal format, good grammar, and correct spelling. So, make sure that you write a resume by following its format!

Babysitter Resume Example

If you are looking for an example, this resume is what you need. This resume example is very simple so that you can read it easily. It is also flexible that allows you edit and customize it. So, just feel free to match this resume example to the job posting.

Free Babysitter Resume Template

You do not need to pay for a resume template. This template is totally free to use. Anyone who is interested in babysitting jobs is allowed to use it. If you want to use this resume template, make sure that you adjust each section to your qualifications!

One of the most challenging tasks is to write a good resume. This babysitter resume template is very useful and helpful for you. You can also use it for other jobs if needed. You just have to customize it and write all the information based on your needs.

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