Writing A Proper  Rental Lease Termination Letter

A tenancy is usually done based on the agreement between the landlords and tenants. However, there are times that the termination is done by one party, whether it is by the violation of rules or another reason. If a rule violation does happen, usually the landlord writes a rental lease termination letter to the tenants. It is coming from the landlord’s side, but what if the tenant is the one who wants to terminate the contract? In this article, you will read the information on how the lease termination letter works and the sample of the lease termination letter sent by the landlord.

How to Terminate Rental Lease Contract

It depends on which types of agreement, whether it is a fixed-term tenancy or periodical tenancy. For the fixed-term tenancy, the end of the contract is done by both landlord and tenant based on the agreement without notice. In the periodical tenancy, however, there has to be notice sent by either party before the beginning of the week for weekly tenancy or before the beginning of the month for the monthly tenancy. If the landlord or tenancy fails to give prior notice, usually it takes another week or month for the tenancy to end.

Format of Rental Lease Termination Letter by Landlord

There are numerous reasons as to why the landlord terminates the tenancy contract, such as building rules violation, not paying rent, or other reasons. When something does not follow the initial agreement, usually the landlord takes the action by sending a rental lease termination letter. The format of the letter is formal, brief, and clear in explaining the reasons for the termination. It is needed to avoid misunderstanding between the landlord and the tenant.

Sample of Rental Lease Termination Letter

Below is the sample of the rental lease termination letter sent by a landlord with three months prior notice.

Dear Mrs. Betty,

With this letter, I inform you that I will be terminating the rental lease of the property in Side View Apartment where you are living right now, effective on June 1, 2017. I have to come to the decision after considering the things that cannot be taken lightly as explained below.

We have met and had a private meeting to discuss the following matter but the situation remains the same. The first thing is about the apartment payment. As I have told you in the beginning that the first three-month payment has to be paid as the down payment but we have agreed to do a monthly payment instead, but with a slightly higher payment. You only paid for the first two months in the beginning and still no payment for the remaining four months. You promised me during the meeting to pay at least 60% this month but I still receive nothing.

 The second is about the building decoration violation rules. The initial agreement states that pictures and other items hanging on the wall are not allowed. Also, you need to give prior notice to me for the painting of the building. Last week, I noticed you change the paint and you have not said anything about it to me until right now. Also, the last time I saw your building has several pictures hanging on the wall. We have discussed this matter at our meeting but it remains the same the last week of my visit. We hope you leave the property in a good condition and fix some problems before leaving. Contact me at 111-222-776 if you have any further questions.




Jacob Hewitt

We hope the sample of the rental lease termination letter above can be a reference for you. Good luck!


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