Why Does An Employee Need A Proof of Job Letter?

One of the jobs that you must do while working in Human Resources is receiving requests from an employee to write a proof of job letter to third parties, such as to other companies or financial institutions. This letter provides information regarding the employment status of the employee, salary information, date of employment, and some important information that third parties want to know. To write a good letter, you shouldn’t overlook some important elements.


Why Do Employees Need a Verification Letter?

Several things may encourage an employee to request a job verification letter, some of which are as follows:

To Apply for a Loan

Usually, creditors want to ask for certainty whether the debtor has a permanent job or not because the creditors don’t want to have a debtor who will cause problems such as bad credit. That way, employees will need a verification letter to get a loan.

To Request for Suspension of Payment

The next thing that usually prompts an employee to request a verification letter is a request for a payment suspension. It could be that they also want to pursue opportunities from other companies and need a letter of proof that they have a background in a certain company.

Also, several other reasons might make employees ask for proof of a job letter, the most important thing is that you have to ask about what information needs to be written in letter format.

How To Write A Verification Letter?

As has been mentioned earlier, some important information that must be included in the verification letter must be customized to the needs of the third party. The letter must also be written on official letterhead with the company logo. In the letter, you may need to include several important aspects such as company address, third party name and address, employee name, date of employment, employee salary, and job description. Make sure you write the letter in the correct and professional format.

Proof of Job Letter Example

If the explanation above cannot help much to complete your letter, then we have also prepared a brief format to help you start writing your letter. The following is an example of a job verification letter that might help you to get a little bit of an idea before writing your letter.

First Communication

Human Resources Department

Dallas, TX 65503

January 12, 2021


Financial Loan Company

666 First Ave

Dallas, TX 76112

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to verify that Larry Parker is an employee at First Communication as assistant manager.

Larry has worked with us for four years. He is a full-time employee with a compensation rate of $ 50,000 per year.

If you want to know further about Larry, please feel free to call me at (999)-9999-999 or by email at humanresourcefc@email.com.



First Communication

All in all, many factors make a worker request proof of job letter to a third party. As an employee who works in the human resources department, you certainly have a big responsibility to be able to write letters in the best format.


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