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Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Sample for Any Job Seeker

This legal administrative assistant resume sample is a good representation of what a hiring employer is looking for. So, if you are interested in a legal administrative assistant position, just feel free to pay attention to and use this sample for writing your own resume!

Sample of Legal Administrative Assistant Resume

Now, let’s pay attention to the following legal administrative assistant resume example!

Michael Perez

1212 W Bloomfield Road

McLean, VA 55292




To obtain the legal administrative assistant position.

Summary of Skills:

  • Ability to type, edits, & review correspondence as well as legal documents.
  • Ability to make & maintain chronological correspondence as well as legal documents.
  • Ability to maintain when handling information & documents confidently.
  • Ability to organize workload.

Work Experience

Legal Administrative Assistant

JJ Company, McLean, VA

June 2010 – till date

  • Provided administrative support to other departments as required.
  • Prepared expense reports & helped with making travel arrangements.
  • Organized, filed, as well as maintained legal documents & correspondence.
  • Generated, edited, as well as distributed external & internal attorney correspondence.

Legal Administrative Assistant

Acro Corporation, McLean, VA

August 2005 to March 2010

  • Arranged ravel, process, tracked, & reported expenses.
  • Prepared as well as coordinated on-site events & meetings.
  • Transcribed, typed, edited, & reviewed legal documents.
  • Filed & organized legal department files.
  • Prepared applications to different government agencies.
  • Coordinated litigation requests & production.
  • Reviewed, negotiated, wrote, as well as interpret contracts & leases.


University of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Associate Degrees in Paralegal Studies


How to Write a Legal Administrative Assistant Resume

A legal administrative assistant resume should have a few sections. Here is how to write it properly:

  1. Start with a header!
  2. Write your personal information!
  3. Create a profile title!
  4. Make an objective or summary!
  5. List your key skills!
  6. Highlight your professional experience!
  7. Add your education!
  8. If any, include certifications!

People also ask

What Does a Legal Administrative Assistant Do?

A legal administrative assistant is a professional who supports lawyers and paralegals in a legal environment. He/she conducts legal research, drafts documents of different legal disciplines, manages schedules, and ensures the effective & efficient administration of the office.

What Skills Does a Legal Administrative Assistant Need?

A legal administrative assistant should have a few essential skills such as adaptability, multi-tasking, understanding of legal terminology & documentation, interpersonal skills; detail oriented, technical skills, writing skills, and also organizational skills.

Which Is Better Paralegal or Legal Assistant?

Both legal assistants and paralegals present alternative opportunities of career in the legal field. But their work & duties differ. A paralegal performs more specialized limitative work & require a more demanding educational background. A legal assistant is much more focused administratively.

Is It Hard to Be a Legal Assistant?

The legal assistant job can be stressful because attorneys may often be hard bosses. Some of them can be egotistical & look down on their support staff. You should be able to work with different & difficult personalities. A law firm can be a good place to work & typically offers good pay as well as benefits.

What Should a Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Look Like?

On a legal administrative assistant resume template, you need to include your hard & soft skills. Some of the top skills to be included are calendar management, research skills, phone etiquette, customer service, attention to detail, problem solving, communication, appointment setting, and many more.

Legal Administrative Assistant Resume with No Work Experience

If you are just entering a career in a legal position as an administrative assistant and you have no work experience, you should still make your resume impressive. This resume template will help you write a good resume to convince your potential employer that you are a good candidate to be hired.

Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Template Word

Writing an impressive resume is not easy, especially for an important position like a legal administrative assistant. Here, you may need a helpful template. This resume template is available in Word that allows you edit it to fit your needs. So, just feel free to use this resume template Word!

Legal Administrative Assistant Resume for College

This resume template is appropriate for a college student who wants to look for a job as a legal administrative assistant. With lack of experience, you have to be able to make your resume stand out from the competition. This resume will help you a lot.

Resume for Legal Administrative Assistant First Job

This resume for a legal administrative assistant is designed not only for an experienced individual but also a job starter who is looking for his or her first ever job. If you have no work experience at all, you can focus on your education & skills. Adding unpaid work experience is also a good idea.

Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

If you have never written a resume before, you will need this sample. This sample is professionally written in a proper format & structure. It also uses good grammar as well as correct spelling. You are also allowed to add any other sections if required.

Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Example

If you need an example for writing your own resume, you are on the right site. This resume example will inspire you to make an impressive resume. So, you can convince your potential employer that you will benefit his or her company. Therefore, you will have a higher chance to get a job interview.

Free Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Template

It is very important to write a resume properly because it is very vital for applying for a job. That is why we provide you with a free resume template. This resume template is designed for you who want to be a legal administrative assistant.

In writing your own resume, you should follow the format of this legal administrative resume sample. Even though this is designed for a legal administrative assistant position, it can also be used for any other job as long as you adjust its content to your own qualifications and the job post.

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