4+ Impressive Bilingual Resume


Impressive Bilingual Resume to Get Your Desired Job

Bilingual is one of the most unique qualities. There are many jobs that require bilingual skills. If you are bilingual, you have to be able to demonstrate this strength through a resume. Writing a bilingual resume should be done carefully. It has its own format. So, let’s discuss it further here!

Sample of Bilingual Resume

Below is a bilingual resume sample you can use for your reference:

Christian Dimario

1234 Sonia Point, New York, NY 55292



Work Experience

Bilingual Executive Assistant, 2017 – present

JJ Company, Chicago, IL

  • Ensure to reach the hospital’s goals. Provide support to clients to PMs to understand capitalization guidelines& have project description and BSR updated.
  • Keep others updated on relevant & useful information related to daily activities.
  • Respond to insurance brokers’ general questions about medical requirements as well as refer any questions o the involved Underwriter in the specific case via direct phone calls or email
  • Communicate with Doctor’s offices & customers regarding medical evaluations, ensuring that all needed information is obtained. Follow guidelines related to private information.
  • Review medical authorization requests with carriers & ensure responses are handled within guidelines
  • Coordinate with Actuarial for specific needs, tax calculation, and illustration
  • Request information to support policyholder requests

Bilingual, 2013 – 2017

ABC Group, Dallas, TX

  • English-Portuguese Bi-lingual Speaking
  • 4 years of client service and sales experience
  • Service-oriented & have excellent skills in communication as well as a strong allegiance to service excellent
  • Strong skills in team building to ensure cooperative working relationships with management, branches, staff, Visa International, & 3rd parties, conveying the best standards of diplomacy, tact, and professionalism
  • Provided quality decisions to enhance the process of adjudication on accounts assigned to the Credit Group
  • Analyzed retail credit applications effectively and contacted customers to complete & provide a sound recommendation within assigned lending limits
  • Determined the cause of offside conditions through probing questions
  • Established a reasonable time frame to expect the customer to provide info & follow it or take action to fix problems


The University of Western California

Asheville, CA, 2009 – 2013

Bachelor’s Degree in HR

Professional Skills

  • Communication – Demonstrate strong listening, written, & verbal skills
  • Strong skills in Java programming
  • Excellent skills in written & verbal communications, communicate effectively with internal & external organizations & individuals
  • Exceptional phone skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team and independently
  • Superior skills in multitasking and time management
  • Ability to prioritize tasks with a strong sense of urgency under minimal supervision
  • Great writing skills

How to Write a Bilingual Resume

A bilingual resume has a few sections providing the needed information. Here is how to write it:

  1. Started with your contact information, you should provide your name, address, telephone, and email.
  2. Continued with your work experience, you are required to display a detailed summary of your latest jobs including your duties.
  3. The next section, it is an education section where you have to state your college, major, graduation, and college address.
  4. In the last part, you need to make a list of your professional skills.

People also ask

How Do You List Bilingual on a Resume?

You should add your native proficiency to the skills section. This section can be used to list the foreign languages with your native proficiency. You can also describe which language that belongs to your native/fluent/mother tongue and which one is the foreign language you know.

Bilingual Resume with No Work Experience

If you have no experience, you shouldn’t feel inferior. To write a solid bilingual resume, you should optimize your skills. You have to convince the recruiter that your bilingual skills will be of great value to the company. Your education should also be prioritized because it will be a big consideration.

Bilingual Resume Template Word

Writing a strong resume is not easy. That is why you will need an editable template to ease your task. Available in Word, this resume template can be customized easily to fit your needs. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of time & effort writing your own resume.

Bilingual Resume for College

A bilingual resume is appropriate for you who have no work experience including a college student. You can use this resume to continue your study, get your first work experience, etc. This resume optimizes the skills section where your bilingual skills become one of the best qualities you have.

Bilingual Resume for First Job

This bilingual resume sample template is recommended for you who are looking for your first job. Whatever the job position you would like to apply for, this resume can meet your needs. You just need to match this resume to the job posting and make it as convincing & impressive as possible.

Bilingual Resume Sample

This resume sample is flexible and adjustable. You can adjust this resume to your qualifications including your experience, education, skills, etc. You can add other sections to this resume if required. Make sure that all the information provided is true and matched with the job posting.

Bilingual Resume Example

For those who have never written a resume before, you can use this example for your reference. This example is easy to read because it is very simple. This example will not only inspire you but also guide you. By following this example, you will be able to impress a hiring employer with your own resume.

Free Bilingual Resume Template

There is no easier way to write a resume than using a free editable template. This resume template is not only editable but also completely free to use. Anyone who wants to write a solid resume is allowed to use this template for free. So, just feel free to use it anytime you want!

If you have bilingual skills, you have to showcase this on your resume. Writing a bilingual resume is not an easy task so that you will need to know how to write it properly. After paying attention to the sample & tips above, it is your turn to write your own resume by following its format & structure.



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