A Simple Example Of Hunting Permission Letter

If you are planning to hunt on another’s property, you need to ask the owner’s permission. It is simply by writing a hunting permission letter. This letter is purposed to request permission that you are going to hunt in someone’s residence or property. Typically, such properties or residences are located in a very remote area and not commonly used for hunting.


Why Should You Need To Write A Hunting Permission Letter?

Writing a hunting permission letter is important to let the residents know that someone will come to the area with certain hunting weapons. Besides a permission formality, this will make sure that no one will go around the hunting area as this might lead to dangerous situations.

Furthermore, a hunting letter is needed to avoid you from getting reported to the police. You might end up entering someone’s property which sometimes you don’t know you have ruined someones’ area as you going on the hunt. This is why this letter is important to avoid you from getting sued as the residents who signed this letter have agreed to several consequences.

How To Write A Hunting Permission Letter?

If you are new to this correspondence matter, you can follow the simple guidelines below on how to write a hunting permission letter.

Greeting and Introduction

Begin your letter with a nice and polite greeting and introduction. And then, explain how you are and where you are from along with your intention for writing this letter.

The next is mentioning that you are asking for a permit to hunt in the recipient property. For example, you would like to expand your hunting location. Keep in mind, to be honest and keep it transparent.

Agree to follow the rules

Because you are asking for permission, it is needed to agree with the rule stated by the owners. You need to state you are responsible, trustworthy, and respectful about the rules applied there.

The Example of Hunting Permission Letter

Dear Mr. Shiebel


I am writing this letter to ask you for permission to hunt on your property area. I will be hunting with two sons and several acquaintances this weekend on 10/01/2021 starting at sunrise until sunset.

I am willing to abide by the hunting rules and regulations as well as the necessary precautions that you might need to take around your property. We will make sure that we will bring the equipment needed.

We will also make a big feast by cooking a big meal. We would like to invite you to join with as to thank you for allowing us to hunt on your property.

Along with the letter, I enclosed the permission form which you can return by mail or fax at your convenient schedule. If the dates are not good for you, please don’t hesitate it to contact me so we can discuss it further.

Additionally, we will more than thankful if you allow us to hunt at your property region and we will love it if you join us. Thank you for your consideration.


Warm Regards,


Kenedy Wallets

Besides sending the hunting permission letter, ensure you also discuss it with the property’s owner days before the hunting events. We hope our tips help you.



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