A Simple Guide On How To Write Human Resource Assistant Cover Letter

Writing a human resource assistant cover letter is one of the important starts to make the employer interested in hiring you. This is crucial to write backgrounds and skills that are relevant to the position.


What Is Am HR Assistant Job Description?

The human resources assistant has the responsibility to handle the administrative and HR assignments in the organization. Generally, the HR assistant helps the manager in doing record maintenance, recruitment, and payroll processing. They also perform clerical tasks.

What Are The Requirements Needed To Be A Good HR Assistant?

Besides having a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, an individual is required to understand the labor law and able to manage people. He or she must quite experience in HR functions.

The skills needed for this position is excellent in communication skill, ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines. It is important too to have computing skills like MS Office, email, and others.

Because this position requires you to handle and manage people, you also need a good skill at management and organizational functions.

How To Work In Human Resources Without An Experience?

For fresh graduates, there is another way to work in this sector without experience. You can start by joining an internship program in the HR department. or, simply joining a volunteer program in an organization to expand your network and experiences. These opportunities are great to improve your skillset. If you don’t know where to start,  you can contact your alma mater or the alumnus that are working in the HR industry.

How To Write A Human Resource Assistant Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Stevenson

I am writing to show my interest in an open position in ABC INc, Human Resource Assistant. I am confident that my combination of academic background, skills, and experience suit the requirements. Please check the resume I have attached to this letter.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from ABC University and a two-year diploma in Human Resource Management with an excellent GPA. I have a three-year of experience working in HR administration.

Furthermore, I am confident to fulfill your requirements on software mastery. I am great at operating spreadsheets, word processing, and data entry skill. I hope you will have time to discuss the qualifications and potential of the company.  Please reach me at (777)666-666


Yours Sincerely


Linda Abdul




Writing the human resource assistant cover letter is the opening gate of your career. Make sure you only write it with your true experiences and skillsets. Avoid lying and dramatize your resume as this will trouble you in the future.

Additionally, employers prefer a simple human resource assistant cover letter. Choose the classic format to help them find the best potential at glance. Remember that you are not the only one who applies for this position. Some competitors are ready to beat you in the screening section. Now it is time for you to sit and reuse the example we have provided above. Good luck!

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