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Create A Graphic Design Resume Template To Make Good Impress


Like other resumes, a graphic design resume template is used to apply for a job but with a more specific field, namely a graphic designer. So that in addition to including achievements, experience, and design, education is the main thing that must consider. Because from a resume, HRD will see how the quality of a person’s plan is.

What Is Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer is a person or group of people who creates an image, symbol, or text and presents it in a visual form with specific ideas and messages. The graphic design itself is a process of visual communication where problem-solving done using illustration, photography, typography, or iconography.

The skills a graphic designer must have include typography, page layout, printmaking, and strategy. Typography is the ability to determine the type of design. Page layout is the ability to determine the size, location, and composition of information in a plan. It can do on paper or other materials according to the type of design and the color material used. As well as strategy, a graphic designer must also have an excellent approach to solve a problem in an attractive visual form and full of information.

Format A Graphic Design Resume Template

Many people are confused about how to layout and design a resume that will appeal to HRDs. Many sites provide tips and tricks for making an attractive resume, but what about a graphic designer? Of course, their resume must have more value than other people who don’t understand the design concept. The following is the format commonly used to create a graphic design resume.

  1. Recommended Format

You can adjust the resume format according to the amount of information and your design. However, you can use a form with margins of 1 inch on each side. You can use any font, but try to keep it formal and avoid using Comic Sans. Use a 12pt font size to keep it legible with a 14-16pt header to differentiate from the description. Try to keep your resume only one sheet, because HRD may not want to read pages of resume.

  1. Choose The Right Resume

To create a graphic design resume, you also need to know the primary purpose of the resume. For example, if you are going to make a functional resume, of course, the things you should include are more about your skills. A functional resume is suitable for those of you who are fresh graduates. Meanwhile, if you have the experience, you can use a combination resume where skills and experience highlighted.

  1. Information On Graphic Design Resume

The information in a graphic design resume is almost the same as any other resume. This information includes full name, title, and hashtag, personal information, including phone number, address, and email. Also, include the experience and skills you have, and what matters is a portfolio.

  1. Put Some Portfolio

Since the purpose of a resume is particular to a graphic designer, you should include a portfolio. You can create a portfolio list or create a link that links to a website address for a complete description of your collection.

Graphic Design Resume Design Ideas

Graphic Design Resume Ideas

You can create an eye-catching graphic design resume template by applying the tips above. Explore your creativity and impress others.





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