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Education Resume Sample to Get a New Job

When you want to join the education management as a new staff, the first matter that you need to do in facing a recruitment process is writing a professional resume. A resume will be a document to value the personality of a candidate. That is why knowing about the education resume sample is needed.

Well, a sample of the resume can be a reference for you. By seeing the detailed sample, of course, you could know what to be included inside a professional resume and how to arrange the detailed information.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about the detailed matters of a resume that you may need to know. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following details.

Sample of Professional Education Sample

As we have said before, seeing a sample of a resume is needed. Here, we have a simple sample of a professional education resume to inspire you. We are sure that this sample will be very useful to be another reference to make yours.

See the detailed sample of it below.

Jane Flores

Chicago, IL | (555) 811-0922 | jane.flores@email.com

Personal Summary

Highly dedicated and energetic elementary teacher with more than 10 years of experience delivering different lessons. Driven to engage foster communication with the parents, reluctant learners, and collaborate with the other teachers.


Green Valley University

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Minor in Language Education

May 1997 – June 2001

Employment Experience

The Blue Ocean Elementary, Lead Fifth Grade Teacher

July 2019 – current

  • Directed the team of the teacher to ensure a consistent curriculum and foster the detailed atmosphere of the teamwork
  • Oversee the activities of the students, including the lunch, recess, bus pickup, classroom learning, and others
  • Coordinate with the students to know their educational experience, especially to find the best learning methods to be applied
  • Work with the school staff and parents, especially to handle the students who have special needs
  • Inspire the whole committee to select and implement a modern curriculum that can be a better idea to be applied for the lesson teaching

Yellow Stars Elementary, Third Grade Teacher

August 2015 – May 2019

  • Designed the kinds of a positive reinforcement program
  • Coordinated with the authors to develop the love of students about a new and modern literacy to improve their skills
  • Managed the whole activities of the students, especially for the classroom learning, the homework, and other important programs outside the school
  • Improved the detailed school menu for breakfast and lunch to ensure that all consumed foods consist of high nutrition


  • Record keeping
  • Parent-teacher communication
  • Proficient in Google Classroom
  • High dedication
  • High concentration

How to Make a Professional Education Resume?

Well, to make a good resume, there are some steps to be followed. Of course, by following the detailed steps, writing a professional resume will be easier.

What are the steps to follow in writing a resume? You may see some details as follow:

  • Choose the most appropriate and formal format of a resume
  • Write about the contact information, especially the name
  • Write an interesting professional summary to get the recruiter’s attention
  • Detail the employment experience
  • List the relevant skills based on the subject of resume
  • Add the information about the education, certifications, and awards

What are the skills that an educator needs to have?

To be an educator or join the new management, of course, you need to have some common skills. The skills will influence your capabilities.

Common skills that an educator needs to have are:

  • Critical thinking
  • Patience
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Organization
  • Imaginative thinking
  • Leadership
  • Time management

What are the qualities of a good teacher?

A good teacher has some qualities to be considered, such as:

  • Collaborate with other teachers
  • Love their students
  • Listen to their students
  • Learn a new thing every day
  • Fill the classroom with positivity
  • Patiently handling the different students

What are mistakes to avoid in writing the education resume?

To write a professional education resume, there are some mistakes that you need to avoid. The mistakes are:

  • Typos and grammatical error
  • Bad summary
  • Lack of specifics
  • Leaving off important information
  • Writing a too-long resume

Kinds of Education Resume Template

To ease you in writing an education resume, of course, you also could use a template. Well, the education resume template can be a true helper for you with the easiness. By using a template, you just need to follow the whole format and personalize the detailed personal information.

Higher Administration Education Resume Template

This education resume template is a nice idea to show the personal profile of the candidate. By using this template, a candidate may deliver their personal information, including the skills, education, and other relevant information easily.

Counselor Education Resume Template

For those who want to be a counselor for education management, this template can be a document to highlight the detailed profile. It is a very simple and easy-to-follow template for different occasions.

Physical Director Education Resume Template

A director is an important position inside education management. That is why only those who have high capabilities that will get this position. The recruiter will consider the whole resume information to value the capabilities. This template can help you to show your detailed skills.

Assistant Education Resume Template

Do you want to be an assistant in education management? Since there is a long recruitment process to be followed, this template can ease you in running it. By using this template, writing a professional resume will be easier.

New Entry Education Resume Template

For a fresher, writing a professional education resume sometimes is challenging. However, this template is a great helper to be applied. It is very simple and clear to highlight the detailed information that should be added to a resume.

Well, that is all about the education resume including its templates that you need to know. Find the most appropriate education resume sample and make your best resume to join the new management and get the dreamed position that you want.

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